Final season dates posted on DEC website

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  1. woodieblaster

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    May 22, 2001

    Highlights for 2015-2016

    ?Duck Bag Limits
    ? Bag limits for canvasbacks are 2 per day, based on the most recent status assessment of their
    continental populations.

    ?Sea Duck Limits
    ?Daily bag limits for sea ducks have been reduced to 6 in total with no more than 4 scoters, 4 eiders, or 4 long-tailed ducks per day in all areas due to concerns about their conservation status. Further restrictions,
    including the reduction of bag limits and the Special
    Sea Duck Season, are expected beginning in fall 2016.

    ?Brant Bag Limits
    ? Bag limits for brant are reduced to 1 per day, based on the most recent status assessment in the Atlantic Flyway and repeated poor reproductive success.
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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I cannot believe that they did not close the Brant season altogether! Given the reports we were hearing, it sound d like the nesting was a complete failure. Furthermore, the surveys are going to be don every other year from now on instead of annually. This basically means that we will have the same season next year. Given the recent nesting problems, that could be a real disaster!


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