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    Jan 2, 2006
    “What is most to be focused on—the fact that Peter walked briefly on the water or that he did not continue? Has any other mortal so walked, even that briefly?”
    -Neal A. Maxwell

    That made me think about how I view things. Am I focusing on the miracles or the failures?
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    As I listened to someone today at church talking Sort of the poor me, cup 1/2 empty! as they spoke .

    A "failure" cn work out for the better
  3. Aunt Betty

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    Sep 30, 2020
    Walking on water isn't as miraculous as one may think. Especially if it's cold outside
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    Apr 4, 2021
    Wasn’t going to be an arse but yeah
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    Jun 15, 2003
    focus is an interesting thing considering all the things the world around us is using to grab our focus. We as outdoorsmen can go out into the woods and water and be focused on the creator or focus on what he created. Those who don't share our faith in God don't have that connection. Creation should turn our minds towards the amazing power of God and testify to his existence. It kind of seems crazy that there are those who can deny Him.

    Television is constantly trying to steal our focus away from the things of God. Friends are often diverting our attention away and getting us plugged into things that create a lifestyle that is contrary to God's will. I can look at various threads on the main forum and readily see what a lot of people are focused on. I even thought for a moment in regards to the thread, "What y’all drankin tonight", what would happen if a thread was posted about who doesn't drink alcohol. I'm not sure you could fill a page with responses. There are only two adults that I know for sure who have never consumed alcohol, that would be my son Caleb and myself. Caleb went to a gathering of guides at his outfitter two summers ago and there was nothing but alcohol provided as a drink. He had to go scrounge a bottle of water out of the boat of another guide. You can't watch tv without being bombarded with commercials promoting alcohol or other ways to divert our attention and consume our focus.

    One thing I have taught my boys is to "surround yourself in the presence of God", in other words put things in your life that cause you to focus on God. Avoid groups who make things difficult. Avoid entertainment that promote godlessness, pay attention to the music you listen too. I've noticed, and maybe this is an old man thing, but the last song I hear on the radio during the day sticks in my head till I turn the radio back on the next day. If we focus on the things of God a lot of this other static will go away. We give the world a toe hold way too much of the time, look at the threads about covid or global warming, we certainly don't need to waste our time on things we can't do anything about or change anyone's mind about things they are consumed with. Way too many people are focused about dying yet they fail to live. I have acquaintances who are so consumed with this covid thing that they won't even leave their house. Focus on God, eternity with God far outweighs our daily concerns. Surround yourself in the presence of God.
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