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Getting to know the Refuge gang....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Flyway Forum' started by hhboys, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. vinyard987

    vinyard987 Refuge Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Madisonville, Tn
    age 25
    Hometown:St Louis, Mo age 13 Etowah, Tn Age 19 navy everywhere
    how many years hunting: 11
    favorite hunting memory: Going with my grandfather as a child on my first hunt with 4 decoys, sitting there all day talking, and not paying attention when the only bird we saw all day flew by at 20 yards and we just watched it fly by not even thinking to shoot at it
    favorite duck call:pS OLT Keyhole old but still my favorite
    favorite goose call. :BGB Fatboy
    favorite duck gun:Rem 870 Express
    favorite duck decoy :the old flambeaus are problay my favorite
    favorite goose decoy: Real geese 3-d lite
    favorite duck blind food:any thing that can be cooked in the skillet in my gun box
    Worst thing eaten in duck blind: Chicken Fajita MRE
    Do you prefer the Left corner, Right corner, or the middle in a duck blind:RC
    Person who started you duck hunting: Dick Vinyard(grandpa)
  2. Shove_shooter

    Shove_shooter Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    Piney Creek
    Hometown: Rossville, TN
    Years hunting: 32
    Favorite memory: any time I hunted with my father
    Favorite duck call: my own
    Favorite goose call: JJGoose
    Favorite duck gun: Franchi 612
    Favorite load: Old Remington Hevi shot 3" 1 5/8 oz #2
    Favorite decoy: Higdon Super Mag
    Favorite duck blind food: bacon, eggs and army toast
    There is no least favorite duck blind food, if you have it I will eat it.
    Favorite spot in the blind: depends on the wind
    Person who started me hunting: My father

  3. knockmdown1

    knockmdown1 Refuge Member

    Feb 1, 2011
    Age: 25
    hometown: Fall Branch, TN (via Kingsport)
    Years Hunting: 18
    Favorite memory: Alot of great memories with xpress runner and his son and alot of others with my grandpa and uncle.
    Favorite duck call: RNT Microhen
    Favorite goose call: Zink
    Favorite duck gun: SBE II
    Favorite load: Kent 3 1/2" #3's 1625 fps
    Favorite decoy: GHG
    Favorite duck blind food: coffee and honeybun's
    Worst blind food: Haven't found anything I won't eat in the blind!
    Favorite spot: Right corner
    Person who started me hunting: Grandpa

  4. TnSmokey

    TnSmokey New Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    Age: 40
    Hometown:Kingsport, TN
    Years Hunting: 21
    Favorite memory: To many to list.
    Favorite duck call: Echo Timber/Final Flight Double Reed
    Favorite goose call: Olt
    Favorite duck gun: Rem 870mag
    Favorite load: WinExpert 3" #2's 1550 fps
    Favorite decoy: G&H
    Favorite goose decoy: G&H
    Favorite duck blind food: Coffee and Biscut
    Worst blind food: Haven't found anything I don't like yet.
    Favorite spot: Right corner
    Person who started me hunting: A Buddy.
  5. itallushrt

    itallushrt Elite Refuge Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Bald Knob, KY
    Years hunting: 1.5
    Favorite memory: The first time Cindy Lou and I ...
    Favorite duck call: Primos? Feedin' Mallard Duck Call
    Favorite goose call: Honk!
    Favorite duck gun: Mossberg 590
    Favorite load: huh?
    Favorite decoy: real ones
    Favorite duck blind food: natural light / beams 8 star bourbon
    Favorite spot in the blind: next to the heater
    Person who started me hunting: some guy I met on craigslist who was selling a old fridge.
  6. Bobby K

    Bobby K New Member

    Oct 22, 2013
    Age. 59

    Hometown. Springville by way of Trenton
    Years duck hunting. 50
    Favorite duck call. Lares Hybrid and Small bore T1
    Favorite goose call. Final Flight BG call
    Favorite duck blind food. Bacon eggs and biscuits
    Best duck hunting memory. There are several but I guess the best was last Thanksgiving when my brother who absolutely loves duck hunting but hadn't been in a position to go for the last several years went with me to my pit in Missouri. We shared my gun taking turns shooting and brought home a mixed single limit of mallards, pintail and gadwall. There was only 1 license in the pit but I talked him into shooting
    Who started me hunting. My dad first took me along when I was just a gooseling.
  7. greenmachine3194

    greenmachine3194 New Member

    Sep 14, 2014
    AGE: 24
    HOMETOWN: Huntingdon TN
    FAVORITE DUCK BLIND MEMORY: Never hunted a blind. Mostly farm ponds and float hunting.
    FAVORITE DUCK GUN: stoager p-350
    DUCK LOAD: Anything Winchester
    DECOYS: Storm front
    PERSON THAT STARTED ME INTO DUCK HUNTING: friends always talking about it. I love deer hunting but nothing beats shooting your limit of mallards and a black while floating a small river
  8. BrandonHall

    BrandonHall New Member

    Jan 14, 2015
    Wartrace, Tenn.
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Wartrace, Tenn.
    Years duck hunting: 5
    Favorite duck blind memory: Hunting private corn field in AR
    Favorite duck gun: TBD, getting new Browning Silver
    Duck load: Kent 3", 3 shot

    Other hobbies include fly fishing, fly tying and backpacking GSMNP. Have enjoyed learning here and look forward to continuing especially about the good old days. Nash Buckingham thread is great, thanks to all who contribute there.
  9. EasternShoreman

    EasternShoreman Refuge Member

    Jul 10, 2016
    Age: 27
    Hometown: North East, MD (Clarksville, TN current)
    How many years have you been duck hunting: 18 (before I was actually old enough to shoot them I was racing the retrievers to go pick them up)
    Favorite memory in a duck blind: The last time I was able to hunt with my grandfather. In the blind were myself, my father and my grandfather. Very slow day and not many birds flying but three birds did decide to pitch into the decoys that day. All three dropped.
    Favorite duck call: Echo
    Favorite goose call: Sean Mann
    Favorite duck gun: Browning A5
    Favorite Duck Load: #3 Heavy Shot or Drylok
    Duck Decoy of Choice: Hardcore
    Goose Decoy of Choice: BigFoot
    Favorite Duck Blind Food: Scrapple, Egg, and Cheese sandwich on white toast
    Worst thing you have ever eaten in a duck blind: Anything tastes good when it is 20 degrees outside and the birds aren't flying
    Do you prefer the Left corner, right corner, or in the middle in the duck blind?
    Left Corner
    The person (people) who started you in duck hunting: My dad and my uncle. Spent most of my childhood hunting with them on the weekends or when I could get a day off of school. Always loved being in the woods or hanging around the rivers. When I was barely old enough to see out of the pit blind I watched my first ducks and geese pitch into the decoys and I was hooked. Nothing like spending a day in a blind with your family or best friends. The ducks are just a bonus.

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