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    Sep 9, 2007
    I'm going to be in the Kingwood TX. area the week after Chrismas, the 26th thru the 1st of Jan visiting my wife's in-laws. I'm looking to tag along on a duck hunt somewhere, maybe 2 days if it works out during that time. I'm from Ohio and have been hunting for 45 years. I hunt a lot up here. We layout hunt, hunt open water and marsh hunt. I have and will bring down all my personal gear, waders, gun shell bag, stuff like that. Just wanted to get out a little.

    I have a traditional pumpkin seed lake Erie layout boat that I could bring along if someone was interested in trying that somewhere tidelflats or something. Just looking to meet some new friends and maybe kill some ducks. I'm willing to drive up to 3 to 4 hours to go, so the Corpus Christie area is with in that area or east to La. If it's 2 days, I will find my own lodging.

    Thanks for your consideration
    Dan Imke

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