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    May 8, 2002
    Hey guys....the anti’s are at it again here in MA. They are pressuring MA F&G to ban predator hunting contests. FG is buckling saying that it jeopardizes future predator hunting all together if they don’t ban these contests ( biggest coyote). We all know that the Anti’s will not stop here as other contests like Big buck, ice fishing and potentially even DU may be next. Now I don’t predator hunt or ever join any of these contests but I think it’s important to stand our ground as sportsman as we are all in this together.
    Would appreciate it if any of you could take a few minutes out of your time to write a short and quick email asking that the FW board dismiss the proposal to ban predator contests. It is being done legal and it has no scientific basis to be eliminated.

    The person it needs to go to is:
    [email protected]
    Attention MA Fish&Wildlife Board - oppose contest ban proposal


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