How fortunate we are in America

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    Nov 2, 2018
    I ran across this article by chance from New Zealand and was struck by the differences in the hunters and the view of them by the general public. Considering the source of the article I'm a bit skeptical of the overall protrayal of hunters as a whole and know that organizations like this like to cherry pick. Was surprised too at the cripple rate of 30% that they stated they got from an American study. Of all the hunters that belong to this forum I would hazard a guess that their cripple rate is no where near this. The article is also a grim reminder that there are those in this country that would like nothing better than to adopt the stances and practices of this SAFE bunch.
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    ALF is bad news and were considered a terrorist group by the US government.
    They were the big players in fur farm releases in the Rocky mountain states. The morons didnt hav the forethought ranch mink were clueless on how to find food or what to do. They use to be in to firebombings and destroying business. A girl I grew up had a leather work shop mostly making horse harness works and had to shut her doors because of threats.
    I think the Feds has research on "cripples" Leads shot was considered 4-5% and steel less than 4% if I remember correctly.
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    The events are from 2011.
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    Same thing happening in Australia. Very radical groups that harass hunters. Some “states “ in Australia have outlawed hunting. Aus. Did finally adopt a hunter harassment law, antis are being video taped and prosecuted....finally.

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