Hunter Biden's laptop inquiry


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Mar 12, 2010
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2024 is about getting the far left out of office, period. The second concern is making sure a Republican Whitehouse doesn't create a Democrat Senate and House to block anything from getting changed and done.

I'd guess Joe is done, he'll be lucky to limp through until then. And along the way, he'll continue to demonstrate he's feeble and dangerous for America. :clap

There aren't many credible people that they can put as a 2024 Candidate. Heck, there wasn't in 2020 for God's sake (Joe and!). Yet through votes, cheating, whatever, they won.

This has created an environment ripe to take back the Whitehouse as moderates, independents, and never-Trumpers don't buy the Liberal agenda.

The WORST thing we can do is put up the most polarizing, negative persona (in that voter blocks eyes) as the Republican nominee. Why in hell would we put up the guy that has the most baggage on earth? Love him or not. :doh

Scott and people like him do nothing but try to shame people into their way of thinking and chest pound 'merica but completely lose sight of the actual objective and how you get there. If Donald is the nominee I will 100% vote for him however there's millions that won't. Scott will tell you that if he's not the nominee, millions of Conservatives won't vote at all? lol...that's hardly a Patriot for the right. :scratch

That's the point. :tu
Not to worry... The Dems will keep the fraud and hype up.


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