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Hunting and golf both fit into this

Discussion in 'The Duck Hunters Forum' started by CurrencyTrader, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Aunt Betty

    Aunt Betty Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    Sep 30, 2020
    What if your putting style is to just find the hole and lay on it thus preventing other putters from performing? :l
  2. riverrat47

    riverrat47 Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 14, 2004
    nw illinois
    My uncle was a fanatical golfer. He had me come to Canton, MO, to caddy for him during his week off. He was around 6'3 and I was a short 9 yo. Also, he was a gadget freak, so if they made it for golf, it was in his bag. The bag was about as tall as me. I drug that damned thing up and down those hills above the Mississippi River, always eying the water and wanting to be down there. It was the worst week of my young life! Later that year, for my birthday, he gave me a set of nice clubs.
    A couple of friends, who actually liked to play, one becoming a pro, got me on courses a couple of times. I had zero interest in it. I'd occasionally drive a bucket of balls or use the putter to play miniature golf. After 12, the only times I've been on a golf course is winter for sledding or picking nightcrawlers.
    When I moved to my present town, I joined the local VFW, partially hoping to meet some hunters. Turned out there were few hunters, other than ditch donkey hunters, but a fair amount of golfers. One particularly obnoxious individual just couldn't believe I didn't "GOF." Every time I stopped in for a beer, I heard the same thing from him and his pals, "I can't believe you don't gof. You need to take up gof." Gof, gof, gof...what the L! Finally, fed up, I told them I'd rather find out my brother was gay than a golfer. I was never bothered again.
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