Hunting Opportunities near Cabell County


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Nov 18, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I am new here, but I was hoping some experienced duck hunters out there may be able to lend me some advice. I having been hunting ducks for around 15 years now in Cabell county and do fairly good each year with Wood Ducks. The problem is, it is all I ever have any luck with. I rarely even see a mallard where I am at. I may have killed maybe 2 to 3 mallards in 15 years in the area. It seems their are no other ducks in this area really except for Wood Ducks.

I have always wanted the opportunity to take other species of ducks, but have really just never had the opportunity. I would love to have the opportunity to shoot a teal, a merganser, or heck even mallards would be a great switch up. The last split season of duck will be in shortly, and I was wondering if anyone out there may know of areas that are accessible to the public where taking some different ducks would be likely. I am aware of Greenbottom but have never really hunted there. I do not have a retriever, which has always been the main reason i avoided greenbottom.

My setup so far in life has been a simple john boat with a trolling motor on the back of it that makes fur a real nice setup on lakes or rivers that have little current. If anyone might know of some opportunities either here in the southwestern part of the state, or maybe even into ohio for next year, i would love to swap some stories. At this point greenbottom may be best hope of getting some different species, but i just am completely unfamiliar with the area by and large.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and thanks for your time


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Sep 5, 2002
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