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    Does he have a porpoising problem?

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    Jan 14, 2007
    He said he did so yea, I guess so.
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    This all day long!
    Before you drill holes in your cavitation plate to attach one and thus, possibly void any warranty your motor manufacturer might provide, try “adjusting” the position/angle of the motor as AB said. The lower unit needs to be tucked or trimmed under the boat more. If you’ve maxed the trim out, one other thing you can do is add wedges to the top bracket where the motor mounts up to the transom. This allows the motor/lu to achieve more tuck or negative trim which in turn should eliminate the porpoising issue. It’s an inexpensive and an easy solution that I’ve seen work on many a boat.
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    OP, put one on it. Had a friend w the duck boat- similar to yours- w a 70 that bounced bad until he put a stingray on it. Popped it up quickly and kept it stable. He’s sold the boat now, but I thought it worked well. Personally, I’ve had a stingray brand foil on every outboard I’ve owned. I’ve always felt that made a positive difference for me.
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    I didn't see if your boat was old or new.
    I bought a Lowes 18/60 That had a 60 Mercury on it. Brand new from Cabelas KC. Got out on the lake and WHOA, the boat Porpoised Horribly. Didn't matter where the motor was tilted. Faster you went the worse it got. SCARY.
    Called Cabelas they said put a Hydro fin on the motor. What????? A brand new 60 HP Merc and you want me to drill it? Ah, NO.
    I called Lowes. Talked to the Tech guy there. He said if I drilled out the Motor it would Void the Merc Warranty. I said would a Jack Plate help. He said Voids the Merc warranty. He told me to get them the Boat. Said I could take it back to Cabela's and they'd ship it to him. NO Cost. I made the 4.5 hour drive and dropped it off. Didn't want to wait for a month or two when shipping was involved. 96 hours later he called me and said they fixed it. He said his guys test drove it before (Scared the bejesus out of them) and After they fixed it. They welded plate to the bottom rear of the boat therefore adding trim, worked great.
    When I ordered the boat I had them put in a 12 Gallon Gas tank vice a 6. I had a console put on it. I had a gun/ rod lock put on. Aft floatation pods. This was a boat with an open floor plan with one bench seat aft and a Deck up front with a Pedestal seat and trolling motor. Did my changes cause the porpoising? I don't know but it's fixed now.
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