I am lucky in the fact I have a couple of farms that I am the only hunter they let in.

Ron Krogman

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May 14, 2019
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With that being said, I hunted more and saw less birds this year than I ever did. I think the numbers are down in Wisconsin. In 10 days I have seen 2 gobblers. Got one. Could have got a Jake. I think part of the problem predators. A man who lets me hunt, knew the location of 3 nest on his property. He walks every day and one day a little after noon he walked 20 yards or so to the left one of the nest. He hears a ruckus, and there is a coon tearing the nest up. In one weeks time all three nest got destroyed. He is not sure what got the other 2. Not a very good nesting%. I think hard times could be coming. Side note, I did not over harvest these properties. Ron


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Apr 11, 2006
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South Carolina
Just before and during turkey season, as soon as my trail cams shows a critter on my property, my catch & release traps go out :dv
Saw a hen Sunday morning without poults :dohand makes me wonder if the crows swooped down and got the lil' ones??:scratch
Havn't seen the 2nd hen yet :tu