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I don't know if you know this or not.............

Discussion in 'California Flyway Forum' started by Jim Dandy, Sep 16, 2020 at 1:26 PM.

  1. RefugeHunter

    RefugeHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 25, 2001
    Live - Castro Valley - work Pleasanton
    The flood up starts early at the club I'm in this year. Our pond is the first to flood so we put our decoys out Sunday.

    Nice driving out to the blind in your truck and just dumping the decoys out. I might have to rig some sort of lift bed so I can tilt the bed and let the decoys trickle out as I motor around. Luckily the dirt was cracked so we just slid the weights into a crack so we don't have to stomp them into the mud to keep them from moving around.

    Some water in the bottom of the blinds. Hopefully the caretaker will pump it out but if not I have a drill pump that should make quick work of it. Left a couple of bug bombs on the seats and put the covers back on.

    Pounded in a stake with a little reflective tape to mark the beginning of the "Yellow Brick Road" which is the graveled, slightly underwater, pathway out to the blind. The blind is a good hundred yards out into the pond. It will be open water 360 degrees around the blind with a bank of tules about 100 yards to the South and some more about 75 yards to the NW. There is a sweet looking stand up blind tucked back in the tules to the North but it's only going to shoot well in a NW wind since there's no way for the birds to decoy in a Southy.

    The grass has been mowed down to about 2 inches high and there's lots of seed pods on the low stuff. Should translate into duck food.

    Seems pretty early but water starts flowing this weekend.
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  2. Sweatliner

    Sweatliner Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 29, 2003
    Looks good Nate
  3. Jim Dandy

    Jim Dandy Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 6, 2011
    It's Still "We The People", right??
    That sounds like a real nice club setup.

  4. yellowlabhunter

    yellowlabhunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    Yep, back in the day when I hunted in the marsh at my past club, we'd drive a truck pulling a 16ft aluminum boat and dekes segregated by boards to drop specific species in specific pond/blind area. Some blind/ponds were sprinkled with just a few Mallard and Teal, the larger ponds some Mallard and many Sprig.

    When it was dry, it was so quick and easy. Pickup was laborious, but putting out easy. Drink beer, walk, toss...good ole days.
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  5. HaydenHunter

    HaydenHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 4, 2000
    Hayden Lake, ID USA
    Did a lot of work on my 12 year old duck boat over the summer. Welding cracked frame members, new paint, sold the mud motor and put a 50 HP Merc on with an Atlas Microjacker jack plate. Pulled out all of the flotation foam, cut in some new hatches. She is sweet.
  6. freefall

    freefall Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 22, 2012
    Lodi, CA
    I damn near got heat stroke mowing a few acres of burs with a walk behind mower... that’s about it so far. We’ve got time though. We usually don’t get enough water until around Thanksgiving. I’ve gotta get a new light bar on the boat and get the inside lighting squared away in the blind.

    Until then I’ve got Wyoming tags to fill :tu
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  7. dukhuntnfool

    dukhuntnfool Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 23, 2002
    Well Dandy she won't break up you'll just have to chase her down now :tu
  8. Mean Gene

    Mean Gene Moderator Moderator

    Oct 26, 2000
    All I've had time to do this summer is work on the house. Cold have killed an easy limit of blue wings on Saturday when I was fishing. I know I can set up in that cove and kill a few birds but this is all new and will be a large learning curve. Made lodging reservations for 4 days in January on the east side for what should be some good honker hunting and I've got a couple possibilities for local stuff so far. Should be an interesting season.
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