IndianCreek 690 Winchoke-Invector Coyote choke tube

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  1. skiebuster

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    Nov 1, 2005
    Heres a 40 yard pattern with a IndianCreek 690 and a 2 3/4" 2oz load of #1's TSS that Travis Alzate shot the other day. Needless to say the 690 IndianCreek was the sweet spot and is gonna crush some coyotes this fall.

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  2. derbyacresbob

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    Sep 26, 2017
    That looks like a great coyote pattern.

    I have reloaded 3" 12 ga TSS 1-1/2 oz loads with TSS #1,#2,#3 and #4 shot. I have not shot any of the TSS #1 or #2 shot yet. I have put them in my shotgun when I am coyote calling in lion and bear country though. I don't plan on shooting TSS #1 shot or #2 shot at a lion or a bear but for a close range emergency I think they would work.

    From what I have seen from shooting coyotes with TSS #3 and #4 shot I think I will just buy the TSS #3 shot for coyotes if I buy anymore TSS shot. TSS #4 shot has worked great but I still think there is enough pellets in the TSS #3 shot to get me enough pellets per coyote load.

    I have to shoot lead free shot at coyotes so I have been using Remington HD BB, HW13 BB, Federal Heavyweight #2 shot, Win Xtended Range B, Rem Predator HD T shot and TSS shot ever since 2008.

    On the KPY Shotshell Ballistic program they say you should get 2.50" of gel penetration for large geese. In the old days I killed lots of coyotes with lead BB shot. After looking at lead BB shot on the KPY Ballistics I figured I want at least 3.70" of gel penetration for a good coyote load.

    For me a good coyote load has to be able to kill or breakdown a coyote even when it is running away from me. Coyotes are not that hard to kill when you can hit them in the head, neck or ribs but when they are going away it takes some good penetration to get the job done.
    Below is some TSS shot results from KPY.
    2 oz of TSS #1 shot has about 89 pellets and at 1300 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 134.7 yards.
    1-1/2 oz of TSS #3 shot has about 100 pellets and at 1300 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 96.8 yards.
    1-1/4 oz of TSS #4 shot has about 104 pellets and at 1400 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 85.2 yards.

    For killing coyotes at 75 yards and less a 1-1/2 oz load of TSS #4 shot through a Cylinder or Skeet choke with 124 pellets would be hard to beat.

    Check out the below video. The second coyote taken in this video I shot at 68 to 70 yards away with TSS #3 shot. I shot behind it on the first shot and then doubled my lead and hit it on my second shot. It was 73 yards to the coyote where it fell dead.

    One thing I have noticed is if you have TSS loads in your shotgun it seems like the coyotes will run up so close to you that almost any load would work. LOL

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