Jim Ronquest Talks Turkey

bill cooksey

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Oct 20, 2000
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Bartlett, Tn., USA
If you think you’re seeing a decline in turkeys in your area, you probably are.



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Dec 27, 2015
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Think it's a nationwide deal .
We've had a couple of decent , not ideal springs for nesting and brood survival with no real gains .
Same with our pheasants .
I really hope they get to the bottom and it's something that can be changed. Habitat loss here ain't going to happen on a large scale.
Something I've always wondered about is why turkeys populations grow buy leaps and bounds for the 1st ten years or so after the got established in area? Then continue to drop after that.
Been hunting them since about 1980 here , that was when they were 1st able to support a season .
We traveled to far northeast Iowa to hunt back then .
The early 1990s saw them take hold in the central part ,where I live .
It was much easier to hunt locally then a 3 hour drive . And the population was slipping there from what it was .
We still have birds to hunt in either area, just way down from the historical highs.
Locally I could blame it on loose of habitat.
I still spend time up north in my old stomping grounds and that not the problem there.

Plus thanks Bill for sharing . One of the few shows I've liked is RNT TV . Mostly because I liked listening to Jim . Those were well done shows in my opinion.
Bet he'd be fun guy to hunt with.

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