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  1. ncsuduckman

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    Nov 16, 2007
    North Carolina
    Just entered my first contest (main street duck) ever. I did not make the first round cut, but felt like I blew a solid rutine. No squeks, and I never stuck the call. I was 8 points from being the highest, and 2 points from making the cut. Since all main steet rutines are similar what sets the rutines apart. I am looking for anything here no detail is to small. I am sure feed, flow, and power are some of the biggest things. looking to get better, so if anyone has juded before. I need some tips.
  2. Marsh Dweller

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    Sep 4, 2002
    Iowa, LA
    It is hard to say with no soundfile. Post one up and you will get better feedback.

  3. evansjoem

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    Oct 17, 2008
    Hey congrats it takes alot of courage to even go up there. I do judge competitions and will give you my two cents on what I look for.
    1. Your warm up should be your highlights of your routine.(Your best stuff)After you have done your highlights finish it with your hails. Make sure it is powerfull right off the bat.
    2. Your hail call should be loud, ringing of the call, and lenghth. How long you can consistantly blow the call. You should start off loud and finish loud. If you can't blow 20 hails don't try it on stage. Practice first. Hails should be consistant and not go flat or jump from one extreme to another.
    3. Your greeting call should be powerfull and transition out of the hail. Air control is crucial. Don't sound like too many ducks they don't like that. You should slow down a bit to go into your feed. Make sure that you are blowing clear notes.(Don't slurr a note and don't be flat)
    4. Your feed should start out slow and then build in to your fast stuff. Then taper off your feed throw some quacks and go back into the feed to finish it off.
    5. Your comeback call should be transitioned from your feed and be powerfull you need to then transition clearly out of the hails and back into a greeting call.
    6. Feed call is back into the picture again but be powerfull then slow down to transition into your lonesome hen. Your lonesome hen is very important, it is the last thing the judges hear before you leave the stage. Be very clear(not flat) and consistant between each quack. Make your routine yours and practice it flawlessly. Send me your sound file I will give you some feed back.

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