Keep Your Eye on the Sky for Monsoon Season

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    As we get into July and August it’s important to keep an eye on the skies because weather systems with heavy rain and high winds, called monsoons, are a common occurrence in Southern Nevada this time of year.

    “Many people who are new to the desert just don’t realize how fast desert storms move in,” said Chris Walther, Nevada State Game Warden. “They are usually surprised by how much wind and rain can be associated with these storms and that can lead to big problems.”

    Over the years Nevada Game Wardens have rescued hundreds of boaters who were not prepared or didn’t know how to handle severe weather.

    “When caught by a storm the first thing you need to do is have everyone onboard put on a life jacket and stay seated,” said Walther. “Then look for a protected cove to ride out the storm. Don’t try to outrun the storm. Too many times boaters try to go back to the marina or launch ramp, which often winds up putting themselves and others in more danger,” Walther said.

    A few good rules to follow are to keep an “eye on the sky”. Most storms will come out of the west and have warning signs like increased dark clouds, wind shifts, choppy water and wave swells. You should check the weather before leaving and monitor the weather station throughout the day on your radio. Finally, don’t overload your vessel.

    “Following these few simple rules will allow you to be ready to handle a weather event should it happen

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