Late Season Turkeys ?

Discussion in 'Illinois Flyway Forum' started by bulldogeverett, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. bulldogeverett

    bulldogeverett Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    Peoria, Illinois
    For lots of reasons, I am hunting 5th season this year near Peoria. Taking my 7 year old son along to watch. I have not hunted turkeys this late ever. I'm an average caller at best. Give me some late season pointers. Call, don't call? Decoy, no decoy . . . What kind of decoy? Are they responsive this late? do i need to run n gun or sit n wait? Where I'm hunting is mostly hardwoods, several ridges - highs and lows. A creek. A few food plots for deer. The landowner has given me a tour and shown me where he hunts and kills. Feelin good about the location, just need some late season guidance.
  2. Jon C

    Jon C Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 26, 2002
    Central IL
    I have had good luck hunting 5 th season....In the past I have used a jake decoy with a few reasoning is that the dominate bird is looking to breed the last hens....if he is alone he will come and run off any jake with hens.
    Good luck.. I have 4 th season and dad has 5 th..Peoria county....also I run and gun the roost then if not bird get to strutt zone and sit...I usually try and find high ground
  3. webfoot78

    webfoot78 Elite Refuge Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    IL..where dead elephants rest
    If I were to pick 5 days to hunt, it would be the last 5 of the season for a lot of reasons.

    I even plan most of my out of state trips that way.

    Generally less people, hens are on the nest, more predictable weather, and gobblers are usually pretty split up.

    Good luck!
  4. Berganser

    Berganser Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 18, 2002
    North Central IL. Bureau Co.
    Good Luck to you and your boy. Nothing wrong with 5th season.
    it's been tough for me so far. No gobbling hardly, not seeing any( 2 Jakes so far). I think their being fed somewhere!
    The way it looks I'll be hunting the 5th season to.
  5. John Q Public

    John Q Public Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 19, 2005
    East St. Louis, Illinois
    The fifth season begins down here tomorrow. It's been roller coaster weather and it's going from almost 90 yesterday to a high of about 53 on Friday. Being cold makes me want to move around too much.

    I guess I'm going to try to take tomorrow morning off and see if I can find any dry ground.

    To the OP, Good luck with your hunt with the boy. My daughter, she's 10 now, participated in the youth hunt this year and I am very proud. It was cold and windy, but she toughed it out. I couldn't pay her enough to go on Easter Sunday, though:eek:


    I suggest a hen or two and a jake decoy. The hens that haven't fully nested should be ripe for breeding still and gobblers that haven't been overpressured are usually pretty agrressive at defending their territory and making sure they get any last available hens. I usually place my jake decoy just a step behind the hen(s) and usually have the jake facing me, as I read somewhere toms usually approach a rival from the front. (However, the bird I shot earlier came right up behind my jake decoy very aggresively.

    I never know when or how much to call. On the roost, I'd try some soft yelps then mimic a flydown. In the later morning, I would pick a prime location and then try some cuts and a yelp every 30 minutes or so, hoping to catch the attention of a bird that might have ventured into the area.
  6. auto5

    auto5 Elite Refuge Member

    Aug 4, 2009
    I'll be hunting 5th with ya bud. I wish you best of luck and glad your boy is coming along for the adventure.

    I quit using decoys a few seasons ago, got enough to lug around :eek:

    I accidentally applied for 1st season a few years ago and target that each and every time now. Unfortunately was only able to hunt 2 quick mornings before work 1st season. Lots of turkey, one day they were on other property and next day I expected a flydown from ridge to ridge... instead they flew down on their ridge :doh

    Thank god 5th has a weekend as I can hunt all day if I gots too :tu
  7. jcour4

    jcour4 New Member

    Jul 10, 2011
    We have 2 5th season tags to fill and I am always pretty confident during the late seasons. I like it to be a little grown up when I hunt them since I also do not use decoys very often. It is better for them not be able to see as far so they have to get just a bit closer to check out where that when was calling from.

    We are also headed to Nebraska for a late season hunt right after 5th season ends here. Last year I went out to Nebraska late season and never saw another hunter and that's always a plus.

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