March Madness


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Jan 18, 2005
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Props to UCONN. They were the better team tonight and showed it on the court. Not a fan of their coach but that’s irrelevant. They deserved to win the championship. SDSU was unprepared and didn’t play well. Credit to UCONN for throwing us off of our offensive rhythm with their great defense.

We went further than anyone thought and as Dutcher mentioned, he had every kid in the portal call him over the past few days. I think we will be ok and back in the hunt next year. Once we are in a power 5 conference next year it will help even more.

It sucks to lose a natty but this program has gone from winning three games a season playing in the sports arena in front of 500 fans (me included) to winning 30 a season repeatedly and now going to play for a natty over the course of the past 25 years. Not many programs can say that nor have the continuity that our program has.

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Dec 14, 2003
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Well, the final game is in the books. Congrats to UCONN.

Also, congrats to snowgooseman, who crushed the field with 700 points. Ripline holds 2nd place himself, at 500. Duckshooter and I tied for 3rd at 480 (which I still find amusing, as I know nothing about any level of basketball)

I have been in touch with snowgooseman, and his Tournament Champion award will be in the mail. Not today tho. I can't even see the river across the street for the snow falling. It is packaged up, however. Up to him if he wants to share what it is when it arrives.

Removing the 'sticky' status of this thread so it can work its' way to oblivion. I had fun with this, so if I am still around next year, I'll do it again if everyone agrees.