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    Jul 9, 2002
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    Hmm, I used to have great mallard shoots, no where near any released birds. I don’t target mallards as much now with the two bird limit, but the few I killed last year all had their toes, and didn’t come from an RSA. Only two times did I even kill a mallard near any buddy ducks..

    I think you are seriously overstating the numbers. I sometimes hunt a public spot across the street from a couple thousand RSA ducks, and they never leave it. Not until they are forced to by ice. Didn’t hunt that spot last year, but hunted close- killed zero mallards. I would think, based on your theory, that in the area I am talking about we would kill mallards daily because of the sheer numbers of released birds in the area there- nope. We don’t.
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  2. Langford

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    Dec 3, 2016
    Areas that arnt surrounded by the volume of rich hunters don’t have released mallards like the areas that are. Kent County, Lower Cecil, and places down in Talbot etc have many people who own the farms specifically for hunting and money is no object. If that means releasing 500-1000+ mallards to keep the guest happy and the gun barrels hot that’s what they do. Marshes down in Dorchester or Somerset arnt in the same demographics and the released birds are further and farther between.

    Yes you are right that many of the released birds don’t leave until they are forced out due to ice or lack of food, but many of them do. When native shores, brambles, many others, were able to band their released ducks they could be found all up and down east coast, even some traveled west. To think released birds don’t leave your just stupid. Do a search on Chesapeake Forum about banded released ducks. I stumbled across an old thread just the other day. I think you will find threads from the last 15 years where members from this forum have commented their ducks have travelled quite the distance from their release sites. I think around the 2006-2008 timeframe the federal guidelines prohibited them from banding release ducks any more.
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    Feb 8, 2017
    I don’t care either way but I will point out if money is no object I’m gonna assume ice isn’t much of a problem. Carry on.
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    I will say they’re not as many RSA as the early 2000’s. I am a lot younger than most of the guys on here . But , I do notice some sportsmen hunting clubs are still releasing them. I grew out of the tame duck hunting and like hunting wigeon, gaddies and wild mallards, pins and cans.
    I will say this , years ago when we had our last cold snap. I did see 5-6k wild mallards and black ducks on the western shore in one area. Only for a few days . But they’re around you just gotta find the wild food they eat and safe havens . It amazes me, where some wild mallards are found. Areas in the state you would never think of. Maryland to me is more known for goose hunting and divers . If you want to truly puddle duck hunt. And have good hunts , you gotta put in the road time and know areas in the southern shore where to hunt . It’s all about patterning and wild food source. I have notice . Trust me, they’re a lot of very knowledgeable hunters on here. All have different opinions. If you take a little info from everyone , you will be heading in the right direction.

    To answer your question, Quaker Neck holds most of the wild mallards on the shore. If you want to shoot divers and sea ducks . Any guide on the shore with a reputable name will put you on a good hunt.
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    I remember hearing about duck farms back in the day up in northeast pa it got shut down not sure when maybe in the 90's? I could be wrong... but the mallards I kill are definitely no migrators... atleast the majority of em... I target wood ducks more for the short stint they are around they taste better anyway

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