MI Trade 4 dove (OH/IN) grouse (MN/ONT) longtail (MI) spring snow (IA) pheasant (IL/IA)....


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Sep 4, 2020
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Harsen's Island & Traverse City MI
retired executive - spends 120+ days a year fishing (lk st clair walleye/bass, Traverse City salmon/cisco) and hunting (lk st clair duck/goose, NW MI grouse/woodcock/turkey/deer). did I mention golf? haha. have to humbly say that success is well above average. would love to trade hunting/fishing with me for dove (OH/IN), spring snow goose (IA/PA), pheasant (IA-IL), duck (AR), grouse (MN/ON) or longtails/old squaw (MI). I have the knowledge, the gear, the boats and lodging. best times for walleye/bass on lk st clair is may-july, salmon in Traverse City just after labor day (or August, but I will not have lodging), ducks on lk st clair (managed area/open water) October-December. can also trade golf in Traverse City at private club ranked top 10 in Michigan.