Might need to go to bismuth....

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  1. Squaller

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    Jan 5, 2003
    Fresno, California
    There is hardly a modern steel watefowl load that will not kill a chip-shot mallard at 30 yards...

    I won't crap on the #5's, cause I have not shot them (or even seen them in action)... But I was surprised at how much earlier the #6's ran out of steam as compared to the #4's... Those #6's seem to hit a wall at about 30 yards (in my experience). If they (#5's) carry the energy good enough, there are more pellets to hit that head/neck and break a wing...
  2. Ravenanme

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    Sep 26, 2014
    Close to where I hunt
    I wouldn't trade #4's for 5's in steel shot for waterfowl as I'm more into pellet energy than pattern density with small shot sizes . I want a shot size
    that will go clear through 98% of the waterfowl I shoot . Steel is with its density able to provide that , with enough velocity ! Plus , it patterns much
    tighter than other payloads . I agree with pattern density kills birds and along with a pellet size large enough to create a wound channel that mortally
    puts birds into shock , from broken bones or lack of blood , that's the size steel shot I'm using . My shots can be inside of 20 yds or beyond the tree tops
    down the bank so even with Teal or fully winter plumed Mallards , I can be assured I have the right loads for them !
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  3. Drake91

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    Aug 21, 2017
    I never tried steel 6's except on dove out of my 20 and that's a different ball game of bird... but for most my creek huntin I do my shots are so close that I was gonna try em on woodies an mallards I believe they were federal 3/4oz? Maybe 7/8oz of #6 but I ran through em in dove season... went to find more and been sold out ever since... I have probably close to a flat of 3" #3's that I havent touched cause I've shot them fast steel upland #5's all season... but I haven't killed alot of birds really either this season... but I didnt have one cripple with them shells being all my shots were under 35 yards
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  4. magnumyammerhammer

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    Jul 8, 2020
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    Nothing hurts like hitting a steel pellet while in full chew. :(

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