My son's first duck hunt


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Jan 10, 2006
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Hanover/Cambridge, Maryland
Oh my gawd that was funny! Brings back memories of taking my two boys out!

We take for granted how many split second decisions we make while hunting until we have to communicate them to someone learning "take 'em, oops, hold on...over there, over there, now!"

Also this...'it's two foot but over your head'!

Reminds me of when we were out on Elliot's and I stepped out of the canoe and went in up to my waist! ("I'm fine! Uhm, can you pass dad the paddle? No, no, no. Don't get out, just toss it to me!)"

Videos like this are good regardless of the'll be surprised how much stuff you forget after a couple of years (or would have forgotten but for the video)!
I agree. That's the primary reason I video this. I'm sure these hunts will be great to look back on in the future. I told my son it was going to be chaos, unlike the sporting clays we practiced all Summer.

Bryan L

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Apr 30, 2022
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I've literally tried to video the October hunt for the last 4 years, but no matter what something always seems to get screwed up. True to form, my first GoPro went down 2 minutes into legal light. I think I got enough footage with the other cameras to string together the story of the hunt. Hope you enjoy!

Love to turn this guy a call. Look me up give me a phone call.