Need advice on flooded corn


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Jan 29, 2002
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West KY
Bet those were the fattest, sweetest, best tasting squirrels you ever took, though.

Only killed one, and pried a ear of sweet out of it's mouth. They were so dang smart, I would've had to sit there all day to kill a few. Wasn't worth my time.

One wrong move, or a shot, they would run off, and hide for 30 mins. When I say hide, I mean hide good. You could watch one run up the tree, stop, and disappear. Would injun walk all around the tree, and even tried the throwing a stick on the opposite side to try, and catch one tree spinning. Nope, they were like ghosts.

Tried sitting out of sight, and the slightest sound, or even just peeking a one eye around the corner, and the stampede would start again :l

He probably shot at a few of them, and they had a PhD on getting away. I was using a 22, and needed a shotgun. Even then they could run down the stalks, 30ft to the woods, and up a tree as fast as a covey of quail can get out of range. Craziest squirrel hunting I ever did, and mostly unsuccessful.

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