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  1. Riverfisher

    Riverfisher New Member

    Oct 1, 2019
    Hello All,

    I want to introduce myself...

    56yr old, married white male, 2 great daughters (10 & 12), living in Webster Groves, MO (St. Louis, County). Gainfully employed as a CPA in public tax practice for 20+ yrs.

    I love to cook..Smoked BBQ & Italian are specialties, but do well with about anything. Music-Love it, and play a bit of guitar. Outdoors-I love to float and fish for Trout and Smallmouth bass in the Ozarks. New interest-Ducks. Used to hunt duck rarely years ago, but my dad & uncle were not good at it.

    Thanks for the entertainment
    Most of the stuff on here is drivel, but some good content and funny stuff gets posted occasionally. Thanks.

    Trade a float for a hunt.
    I have a tandem canoe, 17' river jon with a TM, kayaks....Will trade an Ozark Float Trip for a hunt...Gasconade, Piney, Current, Eleven Point. I am very good with a fly rod, but use spinning, and casting gear...What gets it done...use that. Might trade tax prep for a hunt within reason. Average return sure, no multi-state, multiple businesses, oil & gas.

    Have decent gear and a couple dozen new decoys, looking forward to putting them to use. Did 6 in the USMC, and spend days alone on the river, and I float and primitive camp out of a canoe in the winter for at least 3-4 days annually. Not unwilling to work for it, not gonna freeze to death, not a whiner.

    Privacy Policy
    I wont blab about your spot on the Internet. Wont tell a soul.

    Old Times
    Recognize Wu Chang's pic from his MO forum that I use to post on. That still going?

    Guess that's it. Looking forward to discussions.
  2. API

    API PAF-CA Flyway Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    Hey, welcome aboard! Like ya said, just sort out the good stuff and ignore the drivel. You'll fit in just fine. :tu

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