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    I personally love using trail cameras. I get all types of wildlife on them, not just animals I am hunting. I really enjoy seeing all the desert has to offer. I got an awesome pair of golden eagles on camera this year. I also got some awesome big horn sheep. I was able to harvest one of the bucks I had on camera but he was 4 miles from the drinker. I did plenty of scouting to find where he was hanging. I'll share the photos of my buck and a big horn.

    As for the ban, something had to be done for the animals and general hunters up north. It is tough to compete against the guides who had unlimited amounts of cameras up. I have seen photos of waterholes up there with a ton of cameras and it's ridiculous. I understand the ban and am bummed out for it as we don't get the pressure on waterholes here like they do up there. I have some waterholes where my camera is the only one on it all season. I scout my butt off as is, 2022 will be no different. Cameras or no cameras. deer2.jpg buck3.jpg deer1.jpg sheep555.jpg
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    Too bad Cameras are just plain fun to run
    If it was a guiding problem make the rule against guides.

    Sadly jealousy and envy runs deep
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    Utah has recently prohibited them during the hunting season as well.

    Guides are not the only people who created the problem though. A friend of mine documented the accumulation of trail cameras in a popular hunting area here in AZ. Every time he scouted, more and more additional cameras were added. The picture shows eight cameras overlooking a small dirt tank that was holding water, while he also crossed an additional 6 mounted along a game trail that lead to the tank (not in picture frame). The intense human traffic into this area negatively affected the environment and caused the animal behavior to change. This was another reason that lead to the trail camera ban. Sucks to say, but the rapid influx of people into Arizona has created a lot more competition for hunting areas and also lowered the chances of getting drawn for hunts. Hunters, in general, made cameras a problem here and looks to be in other states as well.


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