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Jan 2, 2006
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Breaking: House Bill Proposes Repealing Pittman-Robertson Act​

You have a member of your States Government that is supporting this! Check out the list and contact everyone from your State that is supporting this garbage!

You can see them as one of those that are supporting this repeal, here:

Losing the Pittman-Robertson Act would be a huge blow to wildlife conservation. Here is a great statement in regards to this:
Posted this in the political forum, but wanted to put it here since it is a hunting issue.

HR 8167 isn’t being talked about much, but it’s horrible legislation for our wildlife resources and for every hunter, shooter and angler. It would repeal the biggest source of conservation funding in the world, and it would move our chair away from the table in conservation decision making. Pittman-Robertson was developed, pushed forward and supported by sportsmen. The only people for this legislation are republicans who are ignorant of the history of the law AND liberal environmentalists who want us out of the picture. Check the list, and make a call if your representative is supporting it.