Oiling Canada Goose Eggs


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Nov 8, 2012
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This isn’t a new practice up here in northern Illinois unfortunately, at least a decade. I once drove past a nest that had been oiled and watched the mother sit on it for another several weeks wondering what in the world was going on before she finally moved on. It’s pretty sad to see. There’s probably a 2 mile stretch near me that’s off a river, where I know every business pays to have the eggs oiled by Goose Chasers or Wild Goose Chasers or one of the several companies that are licensed through the USFWS federally to do so up here.

Wisconsin DNR started that bull crap in the early 2000’s to reduce local resident populations, way before they finally caved to a 2 bird limit a day. Unfortunately it’s all legal and not going anywhere. It can be a pretty lucrative business especially the ones that continue to do it all year with the border collies chasing/harassing them off of properties. There’s pretty strict guidelines they have to follow when it comes to touching and disposal of the nest/eggs. I really don’t know if any of that allows for relocation of eggs/goslings.