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    May 21, 2004
    Fewer deer and elk equals fewer 2020 tags. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) announced the decrease in the number of tags available for the upcoming season following the completion of fall surveys. (See chart below.)

    According to ODFW, “ongoing disease outbreaks in central and eastern Oregon” impacted the mule deer population and whitetail deer experienced a massive die-off in the Walla Walla, Mt Emily and Ukiah Units. Wildlife biologists have also noticed an increase in cases of adenovirus hemorrhagic disease (AHD), which is transmitted “primarily from ‘nose-to-nose’ contact between infected animals” in the summer and fall. It is almost always fatal and infected deer can die in three to five days after exposure.

    “While not as severe as the EHD outbreak that caused a significant die-off of whitetails, we have continued to see AHD-caused mortalities of mule deer in central and south-central Oregon for the last several years,” said Kevin Blakely, ODFW assistant wildlife division administrator. “Fewer mule deer were observed during population surveys in these units so we need to reduce tags. While cutting buck tags will not result in a population increase, as populations decline fewer bucks are available, so tags need to be reduced to maintain buck ratios.”

    As a result, the reduction of a total of 3,953 buck tags and 287 antlerless deer tags impacts the following units: Desolation, Fort Rock, Hood, Metolius, Mt Emily, Northside, Paulina, Silver Lake, Sprague, Ukiah, Walla Walla and White River.

    For elk, populations are holding steady and, in the Imnaha and Chesnimnus units, elk numbers are at or close to population management objectives, resulting in a decrease in antlerless elk tags for the upcoming season. According to ODFW, a total decrease of 670 elk tags will affect Imnaha, Maury and Zumwalt Prairie hunts (Sled Springs and Chesnimnus).

    To apply for the controlled hunt, you have until May 15, 2020; however, if you have already applied and want to change your hunt choices, you can do so for free until June 1.

    To see the hunts affected, click here.
  2. Curt Gibson

    Curt Gibson Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 12, 2019
    Good to know thanks for posting
  3. 28gauge

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    Sep 17, 2019
    AK/Rogue Valley Oregon
    INTERESTING. Where we live, GP area, we are seeing on the black tail deer what they call deer hair loss syndrome caused by lice. I reported it to the ODFW office in Central Point but have not heard back from them. They say it will kill a young fawn. Bummer.
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    Dec 10, 2001
    oregon coast
    Almost every fawn I’ve seen this spring has the HLS. All look fat and healthy with exception of bald spots. It only kills if it’s a bad winter/wet spring.
    As far as a reduction in tags... this state needs to reduce a lot more. Our big game numbers suck and with the latest wolf count at 158 and 4K cougars, nothing, I mean nothing suggests the herd will grow.
    My deer unit has gone from 800 tags to 250 in the last 8 years. A 1 point hunt to a 4 point.
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    Nov 15, 2015
    Hamburg, New York
    good info for sure. I fly out to Oregon every year to chase elk, going to have to rethink my draw units.
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    Nov 6, 2007
    Lapine oregon
    I have drawn the Fort Rock deer tag 10 years in a row with zero points. If my numbers are correct. This year my odds of drawing are in the 60% range. About 650 people will not draw the 177 this year with zero points. Who normally would have due to the tag reduction
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    Mar 14, 2020
    What I have seen for many, many yrs now is the population going to hell here in OR. We have wrote, suggested but they will do only what they want and no more and that usually turns into a joke.. If they would follow the direction of the Rocky Mnt states like CO, UT we might have some great hunts again... But until the ODFW gets there heads out and gives the hunter something to hunt I will continue to Hunt CO where You can at least see numbers of animals and usually kill a quality Buck.. Bar non the rocky Mnt states have it together. They don't wipe out a herd because they give out way to many Doe or Cow tags. they have premium hunts and yes hard to draw but you still have a chance to draw and when you do let me tell you they are great animals. Here your lucky to find a quality buck or bull and then competing with the numbers of hunters is crazy.
    But! I'm sorry to think it will not happen in my life time and sad to see what use to be gone to hell in ma hat bag.
    And if you think this is bad try the Salmon Fishing in this State has gone directly to hell. but they can make us pay more and care less ifd we kill or catch anything.. My piece of mind.... Sculler 72

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