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Dec 27, 2015
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I lived the nightmare of orangeburg 40 years ago. Fought tree roots constantly and ended up running pvc from the house to the street. Fortunately, it wasn't that long of a run but still pricey.
Kids 1st house started having issues a week after moving in .
The company I worked for had a sewer service so the 1 couple time I got it with the big machine ,the 3rd I took the jetter over and pulled a piece of Orangeburg back .
The sewer ran parallel to and in the right away of a state highway. I showed the pics of the locates to the operator at work he wanted no part of it.
So I called a buddy that had went on his own. He said no problem I'll be there Saturday morning, have the pipe and some ferncos .
We got done at noon . Had cast inside to hook up to and pvc where it had been extended to the city main he pushed a rod through about a 120 foot with no problem the pushed the pvc through that .
Where we dug at the house it had collapsed to about a inch tall ..