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  1. stedge

    stedge New Member

    Aug 14, 2000
    I am planning to install a pit blind in a field that I have access to and would like to get some general and specific information on doing so. Mainly, I need dimensions for a 3 man hole, different blind cover ideas, and any advice. Thanks.
  2. STEVO

    STEVO Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 2, 2000
    benton, ky
    if you are only planning for three guys to hunt you prolly will not need to build a pit. what i would do is just take a tractor with an awger (sp) on the back and make some holes big enough to put a 50 gallon drum in. this kind of pit is easy to make and you dont have to worry about camo for it. or just did out a good size whole and put some skids down in the bottoms.

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  3. M.E.Brazell

    M.E.Brazell Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 28, 2000
    Westville FL
    If you decide on a pit, they are fairly easy to construct. First off, I advise having a back hoe dig it for you' We use plywood sides, but you can get by with pressboard. Use treated 2x4's for framing. I would build an open area with an overhang and bench to the rear. The lid can be pop open or roller track, but I prefer the roller style. Use thin metal channel and chair rollers. We use a spring to assest in rolling the lid back. We lock it closed, but it is spring loaded to the open position. The top is cover in burlap. If it is in a bottom land or area that floods, Cover the lid with plywood in the off season to keep sediment out. Good Luck,---M.E.

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