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Bryan L

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Apr 30, 2022
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My 14 year old son really took interest in waterfowling last season and he has done pretty darn good. But today definitely was one to remember! He has really worked hard to learn as many in's and out's that he can. One of the things he has gotten really good at is calling. I'll admit, I'm not great on a goose call. But my boy has excelled to say the least. So this morning, while no ducks really flew, and we were just about ready to pack up, a group of 5 geese came into sight that were high and a good ways out. I said, "well, get on that call boy". And that he did. He turned this group around, and as they circled, he pulled a single goose off the group. I sat there in amazement as this thing dumped down, cupped up, and threw those feet down right at our decoys. While he gently worked this goose the last 20 or so yards into range, I was just about to call the shot.......and he called his own shot and down it went! I jumped straight off my marsh stool literally dancing and saw the biggest smile on his face! If anyone was within ear shot, I'm sure they heard me yelling "YOU DID THAT!! YOU DID THAT!!" I gave him a huge hug and probably walked on water to go get the boat. It's days like today that make waterfowling so special. I watched my son call in and kill his FIRST goose!!

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