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Discussion in 'Colorado Flyway Forum' started by danwelch3, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. Foldem

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    Feb 1, 2001
    Amen Quickie! Also Goose82 if GooseDan only cares about his waterfowling experience than why can I not even begin to count the number of young and old hunters that I have seen him introduce to hunting and give them someone to go with, including me. He and Footer taught me a lot, and with some help from them and others and learning on my own I would now call myself a good waterfowl hunter. I'm spending as much extra money as I can on hunting stuff because like you and Goosedan said we live for it.

    Just to add to this... I went to some of the areas mentioned and killed my first geese over decoys by myself in mid- January. 3 dozen whole decoys on a public area where you "need 50 dozen decoys" or 10000 dolllars to kill geese.

    Do some driving, scouting, and asking for permission and stop complaining that others take hunting more seriously than you and aren't as lazy as you are.


    RETREVR Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 20, 2002
    Colorado Springs
    Waterproof is right.

    It is hard to tell how far someone elses shots are. Sometimes it is not even close though.

    More is not always better. I have shot a lot of birds over a $30 set of dekes.

    The guy that drags his *** out of bed 2 hours earlier deserves the benefit of the best spot he can find. Hell, sometimes I sleep in a tent, in the rain so that I have my spot. I make that sacrifice. I can't afford a lease, but I can afford a cold nights sleep.

    If hunting made me that bitter, I would quit.

    If you really want a good time for you and your son, you have gone about it the wrong way. There are some good guys on this board. Some of them have access to land.
    I met a bunch of them. They are not rich spoiled eletists. You might have gotten friendship and an offer to hunt.

    I think one contributing factor to skybusting is dove hunting. It is often how someone is introduced to wingshooting. Most people dont hesitate to take long shots on dove, and the shells are flying. They get into waterfowl and it carries over.

    We are all up against the same odds. Some can afford leases. If not, you have to scout a bunch. I get a kick out of it. I have a public spot that has been good for me. It is never crowded. Guys will come out one time, get skunked and never come back. I get skunked too but I am also there for the good days. And yes, it is good to get out even if the birds aren't flying.
  3. Gander D. Bander

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    Dec 24, 2002
    Longmont, CO
    Let me chime in here...
    I must disagree on alot of this post. You do not need a huge spread to consistantly kill birds. You just have to do some homework. You get out and find the birds and they will work into you no matter if you got 5 decoys or 50 dozen.
    For most all of the guys that i have met off here (close to 40) we are all DIE hard waterfowlers, when it comes down to it we take waterfowl over any other animal to hunt. Does it mean we all have big spreads, nope, for the most part these guys are in the same boat you are they are in it as a hobby, where, the rest of us it is a whole lot more then that, to alot of us it is ALOT more then a hobby...a hobby is collecting stamps.
    If you can not afford a good spread then hunt with some of your buddied you take 5 guys with 4 dozen thats 20 dozen, the cost to you is about 1200 bucks for bigfeet. Even less for other decoys. I spend ALOT of money on my waterfowling every year just to get birds, if I have to get up before every other lazy *** to get a spot then I should be entitled to my space, It is public therefore first come first serve.
    Private land is still available here in eastern CO, hell I got 7,000 acres and I don't pay a dime for it, most of these guys will tell you most of them are good and we do good on them. Just gotta get out there and find it. I don't hunt public because I choose not too for all the reasons listed above.
    Can I ask you a sincere question and please don't take offense but how long have you been waterfowling 82?
  4. danwelch3

    danwelch3 New Member

    Sep 20, 2003
    Boulder Co.
    Wow, heck of a response I seem to have gotten here. Can't say I've gotten any good tips on where to hunt, but I think I've gotten a much better idea of what hunting in CO is all about. Since I started this post, and I think I'm pretty objective here (never hunting duck in CO before) I'll give my opinion. For some background, first, all the ducks I've shot before were in upstate NY. I grew up on one of the finger lakes (if anyone is familiar with them) and we used to hunt in a VERY different manner. No decoys, no camo, just a few chairs on the end of the dock. Birds would fly by all day, usually about 40 yards out about 8 feet off the water. It was fun, just hang out, shoot some birds, enjoy the company of the family, and have a good dinner later that night. This said, I can't wait to try hunting the CO way, decoys, calls, and camo. I went out, bought a dozen dekes and I'm gonna see how it goes. Do I care that I dont have the best setup, no. I'll try my best to get the birds as close as possible and then I'll shoot em. Am I gonna shoot them if I know they are only in range because someone else did the work to get them there, no. If you look at the way I used to hunt I'm sure you'd think it was skybusting if it was in CO, but it wasnt. So is skybusting only such if its in a place like this? Seems odd to me. I'm guessing overcrowding is much more a problem than anything else. I've spent the 2 weekends putting miles on the truck and exploring every possible place I can to try and get as far from anyone else as I can. I'm all set for next weekend and I'm looking forward to it alot. I've got a new chessy going out for the first time and I cant wait to see how he does. And to make things even better, my dad is visiting from the east to do some shooting with me. Best of luck and best of times to all of you next weekend and thanks for making this post a whole lot more interesting than the topic started out :)
  5. ColoDuk

    ColoDuk Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 15, 2000
    Kansas, USA
    it all comes down to knowing what your doing, if you know what your doing then your going to scout, get there early to beat everyone else, spend the extra money, if you know what your doing your gonna learn how to call better than the next guy, learn how to set up the right way, know how to shoot well, i really really hate the slob hunter, people like that make me like the reservation syestems on some properties even more cause they sure as hell are to lazy to even call in to get a reservation let alone get up before light, :rolleyes: :mad:
  6. donutshell

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    Sep 21, 2003
    HEY, good discussion. I think that most of us agree about the basic respact that we would all like to see more hunters show one another.I for one know that you do not need a big spread to get birds,but it does help. My entire spread to this point consists of 5 doz. ducks (2 doz of which are new this year),and about 9 doz geese (3 of which are new this year).Before this I obviously hunted smaller spreads and did just fine.
    Like the rest of you hunting is a passion,other wise why hassle with all the antihunting sentiment out there.I'm not the best at setting a spread,I'm not the best caller, and I am most definately not the best shot.However I try to correct each of these problems through practice and knowledge gained from myself and others,which is partially the reason that I joined this site.
    whether you agree with me or not it is very satifiying to see the passion being shown and the know how being lent to those of us who care to try to learn from what is said here.
  7. GooseDan

    GooseDan Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 12, 2000
    Loveland, CO, USA
    Waterproof is exacty right, I never said i needed 50 dozen to kill birds. We may only put that spread out twice a season. But to say overcrowding is THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH SWA"S IS STUPID!!!! How many times can people say they were the only ones on the SWA. TOO MANY TO REMEMBER. Now how many times can you count that there were three to four groups on a SWA which should be able to handle and everyone get birds but some brain dead skybusts?? Again, TOO MANY TO REMEMBER. The number one problem is skybusters on SWA's. If everyone didn't skybust and only take shots that are vital at the range they are shooting then everyone hunting on the SWA could kill some birds.

    One question for you 82, If I can call better than you should i be limited to not calling more than one time at the birds? Because your theory also would imply that if i call at ducks and then i shoot they will only come to twice the calling the next day.

    Another, Since I have an 12 ga semi-auto should i only be able to shoot once since you have a single shot?

    Thanks For the FUN

  8. Pit Boy

    Pit Boy Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 24, 2003
    Heck, I figure I should give my 2 cents worth now:sp Over crowded SWA's? I figure it this way, if you find yourself at a SWA that you think has too many hunters than you didn't do you job! You picked the easiest, most accessible unit, something close to home so you could sleep longer, drive shorter, carry you decoy bag 100 yards to the water spot that everyone else did!!!

    Hint: The harder you work at something, the BETTER you get at it.

    Hunting waterfowl in most cases is for the diehard. We don't care what gets in our way, we overcome or adapt to become successful. Find the place that no one else hunts! C hange your days off and hunt during the week. Find friends that you can buddy up with to make a better decoy spread. Scout your land before hunting it, ask locals what they see on a daily basis. But don't, and I repeat, don't cry about what is out there today because you can't kill birds in Colorado. Work harder at it!!!

    Gender Bender, your trade mark hits home in my heart!!!

  9. meatcaller

    meatcaller Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Amen goose 82!!! Hey Goosedan if you have so spend so much on equipment, why don't you stop compalianing and invest in a lease you can manage yourself. Leave the public land to us inferiors....
  10. Wack-a-Mole

    Wack-a-Mole Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 15, 2003
    Itstinkshere, CO
    my $0.02....... If you hunt the first weekend, head west.... western slope! or wait a couple of weeks, seems that is when alot of people give up on ducks! This leaves quite a bit of public land open. It can get a bit frustrating, but keep an open mind and gas in the tank!! There will be days when you will just want to go home a drink beer and watch hockey...... but don't let it get to ya! Just go ask some farmers, and if they say yes make sure you find out what type of whiskey they like!!:D
    Good Luck this season!!

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