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Oct 28, 2002
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Welcome to the Gun Dog Classifieds and the Refuge Forums. Ads for litters and started dogs can be placed here at no charge. Please provide as much detail as possible and edit your ad as necessary to keep current. Please do not post duplicate ads. If duplicate ads are posted, both will be deleted without notification. Please do not bump your post more than once every two weeks.

Once your ad is posted, please lock it. You will be able to unlock, edit and lock the thread after you edit the ad. If you need assistance with the editing and locking functions, please contact a Gun Dog Forum moderator or administrator. Please do not post ads for litters or started dogs anywhere except this dedicated forum.

Ads that do not include the mandatory information below will be deleted without notification.

Mandatory Minimum Information Required in Puppy Ad:

  • Breed of pups
  • Full registered names of sire and dam
  • Final hip clearance for both sire and dam (OFA, Penn Hip)
  • Eye clearance (CERF, OFA or other certified method)
  • Provide full disclosure on written health guarantees
  • Contact information
  • Location (city/state)
  • Price

Started Dogs:

For started dogs, in addition to the information above, please include the age and level of training that the dog is at. Links to videos of the dogs in training are acceptable.

Stud Service:

Ads for stud service must include health clearances and pedigree information as outlined above.

Additional Information:

Pictures must be sized to fit appropriately on the forum (max 640X480).

Pedigrees may be posted or a link to their source can be added. If you need assistance adding a link please contact one of the Gun Dog forum moderators or an administrator.

Please provide as much detail on the litter or started dog as possible. The listing of additional breed specific health clearances is highly encouraged (for example, EIC, CNM, elbows, PRA, ichthyosis, cardiac, etc).

Your ad will be removed after 90 days unless you ask for it to be removed sooner.


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Jan 2, 2006
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Once your ad is no longer viable, please message me or tag me with @sdkidaho in your thread and I'll remove it. Thanks!
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