Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren


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Mar 8, 2002
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Olathe, KS
Our kids knew what the consequences were prior to the event - Ie lying - automatic " heart training" session in the bathroom with mom or dad -never out of anger and never to embarrass them, it was their choice and they knew the outcome - Leave your bike outside - childish behavior - next time leave your bike outside you lose the bike for a week. the kids all knew the rules and my wife and I kept each other accountable to be consistent with the rules - mom and dad parented the same.

was the "act intentional or not? kids throw a baseball through a window playing catch - not intentional but they still have to be responsible for the damage and pay for it either $ or work it off - no need to get mad - kids just like most adults "emphasizing" most adults - learn from their mistakes. was I pissed when my 4-year-old tried to help me and fill the lawnmower gas tank up with water? hell yes - not at him - his intentions were not malice. and it was a PITA - that's just life with the gifts from God - called children