Slowing down the hunting and when does it end for a guy?

Discussion in 'The Duck Hunters Forum' started by Lip Shooter, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Fowler267

    Fowler267 Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 4, 2016
    My main hunting partner is 80+... But I also hunt with 18 year olds. At 53, I've been hunting with the old codger since he was 68. He has slowed down in some ways but he just bought a new gun(barely used SBE2) We wanted the "lower recoil" of the comfort tech stock. I had bought a 20 guage auto with the idea of getting him to switch to one of those but he wants a 12.

    I carry all the decoys(7) if we do a walk in, I try to do most of the work/heavy lifting if possible.

    What some of you guys may not realize is what you have to offer as an older hunter from a different era to the younger guys... I have enjoyed hearing the stories of bygone days when ducks were thick and the hunters were not.(Area we hunt has 70 rigs these days when in the 60-70s it had five.) I got my start by having a college class with Scot Drummond(of Pintail Peninsula etc) I did not have a father figure showing me the way, I learned mine by reading books and gaining experience OJT.

    Hunting with Dempsey has allowed me to slow down and work birds vs the shoot em when they are in range deal which fills out limits a lot faster but does not offer the same quality of experience.

    Its interesting(and disappointing) to hear how the area has changed... What used to be solid woods is nothing but open fields these days.

    I'm not saying that every old guy would be a good match for a young guy. Dempsey and I met at a convenient time. My previous hunting buddies were dropping out.. One to back issues and the other barely survived a boating accident that we had.... With young boys, he switched to deer over ducks for the most part.

    But look around..... You might adopt some younger guy and enjoy what each of you brings to the table...
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  2. Tailfeathers

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    Apr 12, 2001
    A friend of mine just had curadic artery surgery. He is waiting for the go ahead from his Dr. to shoot. Its the impact of the shotgun stock into his shoulder that might do damage to the surgery that is holding him back. SO, in the meantime, he can go hunting, do everything but shoot and no heavy lifting. I/ we have done women’s. Hunts, veterans hunts, kids hunts where we dont shoot at all, not even crips, and there is still great enjoyment to be had, just being out there with your buddies calling and watching them or strangers enjoy the sport. One can also readjust their hunting to dropping decoys into the field from the truck, have others do the grunt work and that should be ok with them if they are decent friends who understand and are just glad you are along in brotherhood. A lot of hunting can be done without humping the gear into the area.Just change your situation.....or hang it up.
  3. salthunter

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    Jun 14, 2002
    SE Idaho
    My Father in law is 89. Married for 77 year. Last year he shot a dandy 4x4 with my wife. He keeps stating he wanted to hunt this year,.. but he wont leave his wife. Th only reason he is not in the woods.

    I retired last year. I hunted much more early season archery elk, A whole lot less this winter for goose, but we haven't had geese.
    The killing isnt a big part of hunting as it use too, The nasty conditions the urge to go out is less. I can be satisfied going on an outing,.. quiting earlier, not limiting or killing game , just being out.
    We also dont have many geese around
    A buddy was really whining: too cold, too stiff in the layout, cant shoot from a layout no birds

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