Snow Geese: Minimum size decoy spread?

Discussion in 'Colorado Flyway Forum' started by Sean Seery, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Sean Seery

    Sean Seery Refuge Member

    Nov 15, 2002
    I've been thinking about diving into snow goose hunting and have differing thoughts about what I should do to start... So here's my question:

    What is the minimum size decoy spread that you would use to hunt snow geese in a field? On water?
    What decoys would you use? Would you get an e-caller? If you don't use an e-caller, what is your favorite call? Proportion of blues/whites? Favorite brand of decoy?

    Some constraints that I have:

    1. No more than 2 doz fullbody decoys... If I buy a bigger trailer my wife will kill me....
    2. A $1000 budget, give or take 10%...
    3. Not really a constraint, but more of a preference... Want to stay away from the texas rags...

    Well, that's about it...


  2. Goose Pimp

    Goose Pimp Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 14, 2002
    Get as many economy northwinds as you can ($39.00 dz.) mixed with a couple dozen herters full bodies ($119.00 doz) you could do 20 dz. ecomony windsocks along with 2 dozen herters full bodies and your around $1000.00 and a good base spread, paint 1/3 as blues,then work on just making some silo's to fill in and your set, as for floaters I get the unpainted #81's and paint myself for around $80.00. The amount of decoys varies it seems on bluebird days large spreads of 1000 + decoys seem to work best and smaller spreads around 300 work better for me on overcast windy days. JMO of what works for me.
  3. FRR

    FRR Refuge Member

    Jul 9, 2001
    Quickie has some good points on the decoys. The economy windcocks are probably the best bang/buck out there. The carrylite Economy Shells (~$45 dz) are a good shell decoy, though I prefer to stake them up with homemade stakes (1/4" dowels, 24", with a washer/stop 2" from the end...toss the carry lite stakes in the trash).

    You can store the windsocks in the big Rubbermaid tubs for ease of transport.

    For the spring, get the e-caller.

    How much water hunting you planning on doing? If I had a choice in the spring, I'd hunt water over fields. In the fall, I'd stick to hunting the "X" in the feed fields.

    As for size, bigger is better, but as Quickie points out weather can make a smaller spread as effective. In the fall I've had good luck hunting the "X" with a mere handful of decoys and good camo. For spring, 400 decoys is probably a minimum. When I first started hunting the spring push (KS ran the season end as close to March 10 as possible), pre- electronic callers, I killed double digits per day with 250 staked TX rags and 4 dozen shells.

    Of course I was the only person with a spread for miles and miles, so the birds were not as learned as what they seem to be these days.

    Or, pocket the $ and invite "friends" with gear:D

  4. wkochevar

    wkochevar Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 31, 2002
    Lakewood, CO
    If you want windsocks, call Knutsons, or go to their website ( and order their windsocks(They are a Northwinds knockoff). If you don't mind puttin' a little elbow grease into putting them together and adding wingtip detail, you can get 50 for $100. Pretty sure they include the wood stakes as well....good buy in my book.
    Good luck,

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