Some GOOD news about Phragmites

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    It has always seemed to be bad news when it comes to phrag. After our legislature failed to fund the FFSL (Division of State Lands) request for phrag funding, then sending 1.5 million dollars to dredge a marina at Utah Lake instead of the GSL marina...geez, it just seems hopeless at times. BUT...there is some good news:
    The executive appropriations committee has voted to allow the FFSL to have a one-time infusion of $500,000.00 from the FFSL restricted account to be used on phrag control! There are still a few days left in the legislative session, so it could still get squashed by haters of conservation (like Representative Noel and his pals) but it looks like it will stick!
    How did this happen you may ask?
    1. Many of us duck hunters (and other conservation group members) sent emails to the appropriations committee, asking to protect our state-owned wetlands.
    2. Lakeside corporations were gently prodded (by a well-known Great Salt Lake conservation organization) to contact the legislature and ask why their fees, royalties, lease monies, etc, were not being spent on actual Great Salt Lake issues.

    The end result was favorable for our marshes! The FFSL is already making plans to treat over 1000 acres of phrag on state lands by June. They will work with other entities (like our WMA's) to help them out too, and partner with them on some projects.
    THANKS to all of you that cared enough about our duck hunting areas to actually send an email! For the rest of you...well, I'm sure there will be more opportunities to speak out in the get ready!

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