Somebody put a muzzle on John Stewart.

Discussion in 'Political Action Forum' started by pintail2222, Jun 15, 2021.

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    More than just China working on those little nuggets.
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    What Trump could or would have done differently is miniscule compared to what society, world governments and science could have done differently.

    Scientists could have immediately known the origin, had in hand a sample of the actual virus and all known data regarding this virus. IMHO, we could have known % infection based on various routes of exposure, PPE best practices to prevent infection and maybe we could have reached the proper treatment methods and possibly created the vaccine even faster.

    Governments could have been quicker to implement effective controls. They could have worked together to minimize the spread as much as possible. Governments could have quickly directed resources to the areas that provided the most effective and quickest benefits.

    Society could have avoided the cluster **** of confusion and misinformation that was heaped upon them.

    Granted this virus was going to take a toll on the world and cost us alot. Time was lost chasing down lots of information that was probably already known by China and held back to avoid admission of failure to contain the virus with the labs controls. From the beginning Lies begat lies and this led to a larger amount of loss than would have happened had this started with some honesty and humility.
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    Good for Jon Stewart.
    And that raises a legitimate point...if "science" actually considers the escaped/created virus scenario legitimately rather than dismissing it "because Trump", then the international community pressures China to release everything it has. Do they? Probably not as quickly as we all would like, but better sooner than where we are now, over 18 months later.

    Further, does anyone here not consider that the speed with which the vaccines were created is due in part because "science" was able to start ahead of the game? We can't do anything about the common cold Coronavirus, but somehow THIS Coronavirus we made huge leaps with in record time....

    Finally, given the circumstantial evidence (at least), and the CCP's actions to obfuscate, delay, misinform, and outright lie, I do not think it would be out of line to begin an investigation into crimes against humanity/war crimes for the knowing release of a biological agent into the world population.
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    This one has been sticking in my craw. Remember early on when Trump was optimistic about a vaccine by year end, but the Fauchmeister said it could take years to develop a vaccine?

    He (Fauchi)maintained this narrative, until miracle of miracles, it was being released after the election.
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