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Southern History Lesson

Discussion in 'Tennessee Flyway Forum' started by SeaDux1, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. SeaDux1

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    Feb 12, 2003
    Eastern NC
    Id like to arm my fellow Southerner with factual truths. In this day of the Marxist Left who want to tear down our Confederate Memorials, i would like to give the truth about the War for Southern Independence. With these truths please educate these weak minded socialist Marxist that would love to rip our Southern Culture and Heritage away from us.

    Here are the LIES about Confederate History.

    The South started the War. WRONG. According to historian Richard N. Current, In Lincoln and the First Shot, Lincoln maneuvered the South into a showdown. His short list included Fort Pickens and Fort Pensacola, and the war could just as easily "started" in one of those places. The South had peacefully taken, offered to pay for, about 65 other federal facilities, before taking Fort Sumter.

    The War started when the South fired on Fort Sumter. WRONG. Had the North not conquered the South, and not written the history books, we would read a different story. President Davis held that the War started 2 weeks before the firing on Fort Sumter, when United States supply ships set sail to reinforce Fort Sumter.

    The War started because Southern States left the Union. WRONG. The Confederacy and the United States were at peace for several months, and could have continued at peace. Secession did not start the war.

    Secession is against the U.S. Constitution. WRONG. It is not in the constitution. The first states to vote to secede were New England states during the War of 1812. Jefferson Davis was released from prison after the War because the US finally admitted it had no case against him.

    The American Civil War was a time when the country fought itself. This is the version taught by the winners, who write the history. Our side is that War for Southern Independence involved one country invading another country, and that country defending its independence -- The Second American Revolution.

    The war's main cause was slavery. WRONG. Slavery was a cause of the War but not the ONLY cause. There were many causes including 1) Control of Congress; whoever controlled the votes made the laws 2) MONEY --Lincoln said that he could not let the South secede, because 2/3 rds of the treasury income came from the South 3) Who would control the vote in the new territories. 4) The tariff issue, a tax imposed unfairly on the South.

    The war was fought to free the slaves. WRONG US War aims were to preserve the Union or to put down "the Rebellion". There was no campaign against slavery until nearly halfway through the war, and US general typically protected slavery in the territories they occupied.

    Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in 1863. WRONG. It didn't free any slaves in the US and the Southern States were controlled by the C.S.A, so none were freed there. This would be like the President Trump today decreeing the Minimum wage in $25 an hour in Canada.

    The Confederacy was based on Racism. WRONG. Jews served in the highest CSA government positions, just under the President, at the same time that General U.S. Grant was expelling Jews from occupied Louisiana with General Order 11, which reads like later orders from the Nazis, and may have served as a model. Native Americans supported the Confederacy, the highest-ranking American Indian on either side, General Stan Watie, CSA, the last general to surrender. Hispanics fought primary for the South, and the highest ranking Hispanic on either side was Colonel Santos Benavides of the 37th Texas Cavalry, CSA.

    No Blacks fought for the South, only for the North in segregated units. WRONG. Stonewall Jackson had some 3000 black Southerners integrated in his ranks. They served as teamsters, cooks, personal servants, and many times picked up guns and saw action.

    Sherman's War in Georgia and North & South Carolina may have been excessive in some ways, but it was needed to end the war more quickly. WRONG. Sherman Nazi-like Scorched Earth policy of a War of Terror on civilians was against of rules of war of the time, and Sherman, Halleck, and Lincoln knew it. Halleck him taught those rules at West Point to US Army cadets, including Sherman.

    Freed Blacks were in the North, and blacks in the South were all enslaved. WRONG. There were more Free Men of Color in the Slave States than in the Free States, according to the US Census of 1860

    The War was needed to end slavery. WRONG. Slavery ended everywhere else in the world without war. And slavery was dying out and would have ended in another 20 years (like it did in other slave countries, e.g. Brazil).

    The Slave states were ALL in the South. WRONG. The United States had 5 slave states. And one of them came into the US in 1863 on the condition that it could keep its slaves! And if secession was wrong, why did the United States cause the secession of a state into the US in 1863?

    But those were the "border" States. WRONG. There were 2 countries in the War, the United States and the Confederate States. There was no country called the "The Border States"

    The War ended Slavery. WRONG. Slavery was legal in the United States during and even after the War. It was not until December 1865 that slavery was ended in the US, more than half a year after the defeat of the Confederacy.

    If blacks did fight for the South, they were forced to fight. WRONG. Tennessee Pension records provide black Southerners accounts of fighting for their counrty, the CSA, of being captured by the US, then escaping back to the South. Every one of them rejoined his unit. George Washington Yancey was captured by the enemy 3 times, escaped each time, rejoined his unit, and continued fighting for his country, the Confederate States of America (Rollins's Black Southerners in Gray, 1994)

    But why would a black fight for the South? Blacks fought for their country, the CSA, for the same reason the whites fought. To protect their homes and families from a foreign invader. We need to get away from this racist and separatist ideology that assumes there are differences - Black Americans have always fought for their country. 5000 blacks fought in the Revolutionary War, many of them slaves, and were offered immediate emancipation by the British if they changed sides. Most did not and remained loyal to their country.

    The South was racist. WRONG. There was and has always been more racism in the North than in the South. For example in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, a Free Black could be whipped for the crime of being in state for more than 3 days. In Nevada, the state constitution called for disallowing blacks to live in that state.

    The Confederacy copied the US Constitution. WRONG It was the other way around - it was already our constitution. Southerners wrote it in the first place. We just made some improvements, like outlawing the slave trade, adding the line -item veto, and changing the president's tenure to one 6 year term.
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    Dec 22, 2014
    If they need a place to move the statue too, they can bring them too me and I will proudly display them.Sorry but you can't change history....

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