Sunflowers/dove ready?

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by qac, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. qac

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    Jan 2, 2010
    My 1st attempt at planting sunflowers this year. We had a late spring here in SE Iowa, Got one plot of 3.5 acres of a Pheasants Forever Dove & Quail mix put in mid May. Most of it was slow to emerge, pretty fair amount of sunflowers came up but virtually no millet or sorgum. I now have had flowers on for nearly a month and most are starting to bend over at the heads. I can see seeds forming pretty well. Also have lots of weed seeds in the plot as well.

    I want to make a portion of this field available for Doves and to try to hunt September 1st.

    1st question is, will the sunflowers be ready in a week from now to provide enough food to attract a few doves?

    2nd question, its an L shaped field twice as long as it is wide, best method for working up a nice spot for the birds? Mow then disk? Stripes or larger area?

    I have two other smaller plots that I planted 1 to 2 weeks later with all sunflowers but I know these are lagging far behind and will not be ready. I will prolly just leave those for winter feed, maybe a lost Pheasant will wonder by and find a nice home and start a famiily next spring.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. normmcclean

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    Jan 5, 2012
    I would leave a 10ft wide perimeter strip for cover then Mow and disk the middle leave 1/3 or less of the sunflowers standing. And you want to disc twice to make it smooth. Doves like easy access to the seed. If your cut sunflowers are hard for the dove to walk around in they won't use the field even if its loaded with flowers. I cut this morning and will cut another portion next week.

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