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Swan creek and SOA’s draw

Discussion in 'Alabama Flyway Forum' started by cholt, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. cholt

    cholt Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 20, 2016
    Oneonta al
    well not sure how most the Bama guys feel on this new system I will start with the SOA hunts the state has about 3 to 4 hundred deer and small game hunts and only about 8 waterfowl hunts, I think they shouldn’t even open the waterfowl area up until something is done with the land I hunted it last year as a guest and it need to either have a brush cutter come thru or burn it. I don’t think they can even get the water off the land so all the hardwoods are dying fast and buck brush taking its place the state needs to turn it over to someone that can fix the problems on the small tract of land. Now to swan there’s a lot of butt hurt people that have always went to the blind draw have their blinds inspected and drawn for spots. Now there’s people getting drawn that have never set foot or heard of swan creek it’s crazy. At least keep it the same and just do the 30 blinds now there’s people getting drawn and paid money to other guys with blinds and spots don’t think that’s right, at least let the ones willing to compete with the blind nazis up there once a year. I will get off my soap box now. The State of Al. Land management is a joke....
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  2. stevena198301

    stevena198301 Elite Refuge Member Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2015
    HSV, Alabama
    Your last sentence says it all.

    I have never competed in the blind draw, and never will, because no matter what, it’ll be a joke. It’s akin to stuffing 10 pounds of **** into a 5 pound sack.

    As for the SOAs, it’s a new(ish) program. Hopefully they get it ironed out.
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