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Teal Beat Down

Discussion in 'The Duck Hunters Forum' started by MarshmanDon, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. MarshmanDon

    MarshmanDon Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 21, 2019
    Well we are off on another adventure.found
    A swarm of greenwings up north love it.
    When you put them to bed .l poled out of the creek got the Eagle loaded heading.
    South bound on the phone both sons and
    Willie Boy are in Nunky you got to do some.
    Manuvering to get him there on time .he knew to be on time since l got this white.
    Beard and my 2 new knees he is fast like.
    "Like Yosemite Sam" l ,m just in his way.
    Well we laying down in the floor of the.
    Lowe boat .finally we see some lights coming down the Ramp road yea its Nunky
    He fired that antique mud motor up l don't
    Think he hada muffler on her he was just.
    Right on his time he took her up the creek.
    Covered her up got Willie boy's stand .
    Me and Willie had this agreement with
    Each other l was the Hm in charge nomatter
    What he always checks my right hand then
    Gives it a little lick his nickname for me is
    Iron Paw .that is another story. Well we are
    Right on time since Willie Boy got his stand
    I dont have to put the paw on him much about 5 mins to go coffee all poured shoot
    Im loaded told them they better get right.
    I had already passed up l shot lighter it
    Gets be easier to see this is going to be a
    Good one .Nunky always slow he will get you 1 maybe 2 lcalled the shot Assassin
    Banging away Nunky was giving it to them.
    I sat that one out l called Wil8lie Boy kennel
    Got right up on his stand.think they got 3 one the brush. Assassin says get ready take him he was just right Old Man
    Had 3 stone dead right in front get all 3 at
    Once he did it what a dog! Not hearing
    Much get ready take him, Assassin rolled1
    2more for the old man 0 for Nunky both of
    Them working on guns Assassin got one
    Hung in the action Nunky got one stuck
    In barrel here comes my limit rolled him
    Sent the Beast then checked my sons
    Out Nunky looked like Davey Crockett
    Piece of rebar he knocked it right out shells were rusty swelled up good way to
    Get hurt .Nunky raising cain his brother
    Been shooting out of Nunky s new box
    Get ready hit Nunky on his leg Nunky got 2
    Willie got them Assassin cussing l took
    My bag out gave him 3 shells you either
    Get what you need want to hit them again
    On Monday Crockett was tickled with
    His double Assassin you call it hit Nunky on
    His leg he was coming up same time as his.
    Brother thats a rap 18 greenwings. Assassin had left most of his shells in the
    Boat Nunky were. Rusty good way to get hurt . Thanks MarshmanDon
  2. MarshmanDon

    MarshmanDon Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 21, 2019
    The Assassin was swiping sheels out
    Of his brother's box not knowing they
    Were 3 1/2. Vinci only shoots 3inch
    Thats why l gave him a handfull of 3
    Inch Crockett was good once he started
    On that new box of 3 1/2 on a teal shoot
    Thanks MarshmanDon
  3. Nathan h

    Nathan h Refuge Member

    Feb 8, 2020
    I can’t wait for teal season.
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  4. ckva

    ckva New Member

    Dec 14, 2019
    Good one Don, keep the stories coming
  5. Pirogue

    Pirogue Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 16, 2003
    The Back Side of Mingo,SEMO
  6. drahthaarducker

    drahthaarducker Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 20, 2006
    somewhere in Cali
    love the GW
  7. bullpinnie

    bullpinnie Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 28, 2000
    St. Louis
    I've had plenty of teal beat downs of my own. Back in the mid 90's Missouri reopened the September teal season for the first time in several years. The weekend before, my brother and I spent an entire 100 degree day scouting a 5000 acre Public WMA in the Black River Bottoms. We found a few small groups of teal, but no big concentrations. Eventually, we decided to hunt the area that we thought had the best habitat. We settled on a hole we called the Gauntlet. a narrow marsh that was probably 150 yards wide, and maybe a half mile long. This particular year, it was choked with a huge stand of smartweed with several smaller pockets of open water. The smartweed was literally at last 6 feet high, and we knew it would make an easy hide. The following week, the temperature dropped from around 100 degrees down to the low 60's. By opening morning, there was a nice wind from the north.... it was shaping up for a good opener.

    In order to secure our spot, we arrived at the at the marsh at 4:30. true to fashion, we put out way more decoys than were probably necessary. 5 of us spread out in the tall smart weed and waited. At first light, apair of pintails lit into the decoys, a sure sign that the migration was on. Not long after that a flock around 50 birds started circling the marsh. they circled several times, loosing altitude each pass. just as they neared our decoys, a mega-flock of teal ( at least a thousand birds) started descending from the stratosphere. this flock never circle, they just dumped all of their air, and made a deep dive directly into our set. as they approached, my brother growled "shoot your side boys", and the birds dumped into the spread. My dad yelled take'em, and a quick volley of shots rang out......... It was literally raining birds. I hollered "Stop"Stop"..."Stop Shooting"!!!!.......and the shooting quickly stopped! it was a time when it was hard to say who shot what, but when the smoke cleared we had 19 teal dead in the decoys. 1 shy of our 5 man limit.
  8. Rick Hall

    Rick Hall Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 25, 2002
    Klondike, Louisiana
    Funny how often it went the other way. So many green-wings in a bunch we'd initially be arguing over whether the swarm was black birds. Couldn't possibly miss when they were on you. Well, until everyone in the party went Marcel Ledbetter, shot "up amongst them" and but a bird or two fell out.
  9. MarshmanDon

    MarshmanDon Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 21, 2019
    Had a nice flock of pink footed boobies
    Just couln't get them right well somebody
    Had taught my best friend how to cut a
    Shell were in a boobie blind my buddy cut
    His loose landed right amongst them. Except they were going away from us .lhad cut a couple cut the first one over the big
    Flock we thought they were all pink boobies they were going to decoy my
    Buddy nickname was Duck just me and.
    Duck today fun when you get to shoot down on a pink footed l said thats take
    Em forgot to take my cut shell out old
    Duck said it sounded like a cannon it got
    A couple other flocks of big ducks we were
    Loaded lil bunch of black ducks both of us
    Got one "Duck " sailed a black duck he has
    Sharp eye. We got him we started picking
    Those "River Teal " we had a load of "Pink
    Footed Boobies handfull of blue bills
    And those 3 black ducks.well we were headed to our dock.there was Pop how did you do good your mom said you were to cook dinner since she let you hook school
    We breasted them out had them done in
    No they were good Onion butter,seasoned salt pepper cook them
    Fast ."River Teal "Pink Footed Boobies
    Nicknames for "Buffleheads "
    Thanks MarshmanDon 1974
  10. Rick Hall

    Rick Hall Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 25, 2002
    Klondike, Louisiana
    New one on me. They're a rarity here, and my parties have shot just one since I started carrying people in '84. Traded a mallard for the only bufflehead I've eaten and gave it the "same pan test" alongside a green-wing. Breast fillets were nearly purple by comparison, and I expected it to be much stronger than the teal. But sauteing the fillets and legs in butter with just a dash of Lawry's and eating them while still pink in the middle was a pleasant surprise. Not the same as the teal's beside them, but certainly close enough to be passed off as teal any number of ways.

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