The Berthoud Flock

Discussion in 'Colorado Flyway Forum' started by H2O_Tech, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. H2O_Tech

    H2O_Tech Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 2, 2003
    Greeley, CO
    Anybody pursuing the Berthoud Flock? Not sure if they are coming out of Berthoud, but hunted Saturday east of Berthoud. Friday night had maybe 300 geese feeding in/around the field I hunt, so Sat Am had a hint of "good" to it. Saturday the pre-mass flight action was very limited. Had one single sneak in, buzz us and blow out and one trio that cupped and dumped from a long ways out. I made the mistake of not taking them on the inbound. They never turned back into the spread and as far as I could tell, may still be cupped and locked in New Mexico. Odd.

    Once the big actions started the Berthoud Flock came out high enough to be compared to snows. The bulk of them went due east over I-25 and could be seen as one mass flock swarming the high fields. The minority of the geese that didn't go due east broke north towards Loveland. And we were catty-corner to the intersection.

    The geese were horribly inconsistent. Seems like the bulk of this flock is the "firendly" small honkers, so maybe that was a big part of the day's frustration.

    Anyone hunt this tempermental flock?
  2. webfoot00

    webfoot00 Senior Refuge Member

    Jun 10, 2003
    loveland, Colorado
    I'm right with ya water tech. I grew up in berthoud. The only geese that are hitting my fields are west of town. I'm guessing these are the birds that get shot at 100 yards high at lonetree. My fields east of town are tough. there is one guy out there who doesn't let ANYONE hunt. the birds over the years have figured this out.:mad: It's like one big big sanctuary. Its impressive to see all the birds but frustrating also. Good luck to ya
  3. EMan

    EMan Senior Refuge Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Soon to be California 2.0
    That's a very sore topic for me. We just lost a spot that my buddy and his family have hunted for 16 years, to a lease. It was great, because of the creek that flows threw that is great for ducks.

    We hunted geese in that area for the last 8 years. We had some good years and some very bad ones. The ponds that are 1 mile East of town and 1 mile North hold a ton of birds, but the fields around them were never hunted, but now they are. For mega $$$$$$.

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