The impact of ranking by "essential" and "non-essential"

Steelshot Scott

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Feb 20, 2012
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The real issue here is how quickly so many people abdicated their rights and fell into line. I refused to participate after the first two weeks of the pandemic. I have been banned from certain businesses for not wearing a mask. I didn't care, if they are that stupid, I don't want to give them my money. I still don't spend money at places that did that.

Another issue is to the cops that say that the police will not enforce anti-2nd Amendment confiscation laws. When you see a photo of 4 unmasked cops arresting someone in a parking lot for not wearing a mask while all alone, you realize most cops are just like all cops in history. They will enforce the laws of whomever is in power. You will hear the whole "I am just enforcing the law" speech. Just like the guards at Auschwitz. (to the cops here, remember how many times you have written a bogus ticket and told the person who just got their car insurance screwed "I am just enforcing the law"). Same thing, smaller scale.

It should be unnerving to see our legal system weaponized.

And still most of you don't see the big picture to what is actually going on here. Donald Trump upset the money train and all this was necessary to bring him down and return the swamp to power.

I understand the dems that are doing this, what I don't understand is people that actually love this country that are being played as pawns due to their vacuous and superficial understanding of politics.

But hey, vote against mean-tweet-man, that is what this is actually all about.

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