Tikka and Sako Rifles?

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunters Forum' started by rjimmer, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. rjimmer

    rjimmer Refuge Member

    May 1, 2004
    UK (what's left of it)
    I have a Tikka Varmint Stainless Synthetic .223 rifle on order and am getting all sorts of reasons from the dealer why it has not been delivered.
    I have now found, on other forums, that there is a problem with the S/S used in these rifles. They have been blowing up, big time!
    Anybody on here have any knowledge of the problem first hand(if you have a hand left)?
    Anybody had a Tikka delivered recently or have you all cancelled your orders?

    Just another query. What is the twist rate of .223 Tikka barrels 1 in 8, or 1 in 12? Web pages vary on this info!
  2. WoodieSC

    WoodieSC North/South Carolina Flyway Forum Moderator

    Sep 29, 2000
    There was/is a recall on Sako and Tikka SS rifles, but apparently it applies to only about 8600 +/- rifles that were shipped from the factory in the first half of 2004.

    Check the Sako web site to verify the serial numbers or call their Customer Service department to discuss the status of new production.

    Despite the above recall, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new Sako or Tikka. I've got two Tikkas and they're great guns.
  3. canvasbackjack

    canvasbackjack Senior Refuge Member

    Feb 1, 2003
    Baton Rouge, La.

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