Truck/SUV for Longevity

Small Bore Hunter

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Feb 13, 2019
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We have had the best results with Ford products. Tried Chevy, GMC, Nissan, Dodge & Toyota. All of our company trucks are Ford except two Rams. Had transmission troubles with the Rams. I currently drive a Ranger (semi retired and not pulling anything except my boat). I have had a Ranger before and a Bronco II. Ran them into the ground, 250K miles plus. Had a 1984 Blazer we fixed up for duck hunting averaged about 5K miles a year, kept it for 17 years. I bought it in 03 and virtually rebuilt it from ground up. My brother has a 92 Chevy with 65K miles and a 2007 with 30K miles. Great to look at but just set in the shed. His 92 Blazer had 325K plus but it looks like new. Most 20 YO trucks have seen low early mileage if they are in good shape.