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    Don't want anyone to forget about what the Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) is doing to fight for your rights to recreate on public waters, so I figured I'd throw up an update on things that are taking place.

    1- There have been 2 lawsuits filed. First one was in regards to the Upper Provo River on the area that flows through the Victory Ranch. USAC's brief was actually filed last week in District Court and they have until about the end of the month to respond. Then it will go to oral arguments. The second one is in regards to the Weber River. The 2 lawsuits are based upon different principles. The Provo suit states that HB 141 is unconstitutional while the Weber suit is an attempt to get the Weber designated as navigable. If the first suit is successful and upheld upon appeal, HB 141 will be gone. If the 2nd suit is successful, all beds of the Weber River will be owned by the public and nobody can put a "No Trespassing" sign up regardless of HB 141. These will take time as hearings are scheduled and opinions are appealed, but the wheels are turning.

    2- There is a section of the Lower Provo River, in Provo Canyon, that has been in dispute as of late. It is an area that has historically been open (I had personally fished this section without ever seeing any signs of any time since 2002) and just happens to be owned by the Governor's brother-in-law. The owner had a steady presence fighting against our rights at the Capitol last year. He claimed that his land would always remain open, but that he simply believed in private property rights. Well, not long after the passage of HB 141 the "No Trespassing" signs went up and he had even had the DWR doing co-op actions to cite people that went and fished. There was concern over this as to if he even had ownership of the river bed due to the railroad right of way, so some work was done and it was discovered that a bridge that he had put "No Trespassing" signs on isn't even on his land! In addition, there was an easement given by the previous landowner to the DWR SPECIFICALLY for fishing access that was recorded on the title clearly and passes with any transfer of the land, including to the Governor's brother in law. It's terrible that folks with political connections think they can get more than what they are legally entitled to, even under the crappy HB 141. Good work by USAC to dig this one out if you ask me!

    So there are things taking place and the process of retaking our rights is well under way. If you have any questions or want to see how you can help out, go to the website.
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    glad to hear things are still moving. Thanks for the update.:tu
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    Great news for everybody. keep up the good fight!
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    Thanks very much for the update.

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