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  1. SB2MAG

    SB2MAG Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 15, 2008

    Im thinking whatever zone is open to GENERAL tags west of the Greybull river. I plan on doing a lot of truck scouting in those zones.

    My work schedule:
    As an Airline pilot, I get ten weeks of vacation. Plus my wife is very independent and likes to hunt.

    I have a brother inlaw in Wyoming who is very into elk hunting. He has 25 years of experience and has a network of friends with good intelligence. He has assured me to get a GENERAL tag and he will get me on ELk. Also that 12 years from now when I might get a Bull tag in zone 62, I’m not too old to pack it out.

    I will stay away from the Big Horns. Too many hunters from Wisconsin.

    My BIL has a Camper and is willing to go up into the wilderness. Probably Day trips with the camper used as base camp. Plus I’ll sleep in my truck if need be. Although I am considering bringing a one man tent for possible overnight trips.


    Bear spray.

    CZ 97. .45 ACP with 230gr. FMJ carried in a thigh holster. Plus extra magazine.

    When packing out meat, I’ll carry a CZ Ringneck SxS 20ga with Brenneke slugs. And the Dog will come with as an early warning device.




    Ravin crossbow
    Remington 700 30-06 or
    CZ 550 6.5x55 Swede. Haven’t decided.

    This will be my fifth elk hunt. I’ve shot four cows in the previous four hunts. I’ve helped to gut and fillet over 15 Elk then drag or pack them out.

    Each of the four years I’ve hunted I could have shot a bull at under 50 yards with a rifle or shotgun during rifle season. Hopefully it holds true this year.

    Personally, I enjoy the challenge of the hunt including packing them out. I’m not necessarily in it for a trophy bull and will not pass on a small bull even on the first day. I’ll get more satisfaction helping my BIL, Nephew and friends packing out their Elk.

    Last year I hunted for only one hour on public land in the worst possible zone (tags don’t get sold out) and shot the best game meat ever.


    Kind of nice when you can drag it to the truck.
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  2. H20DAD

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    Dec 26, 2015
    Did you figure out these hunts on your own or was this more of a result of your BIL’s network?
  3. Farm4wildlife

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    Jan 8, 2017
    Shenandoah valley
    Just be aware of Wyoming's wilderness requirements.

    I started building points before it came about, haven't been thrilled about it. Still have access to other areas, just the wilderness areas you can't be in without a guide or resident companion if you have a big game tag.
    However it's perfectly safe to hike, fish, camp, and hunt small game. Makes perfect sense.
  4. SB2MAG

    SB2MAG Elite Refuge Member

    Apr 15, 2008
    Definitely my BIL but last year I hunted where he has never been. I did some online research and with his elk hunting knowledge and just looking at google earth we came up with a good plan of where to hunt on public land.

    I planned on hunting by myself but
    while hunting there, I ran into another hunter from Wyoming and he invited me to hunt with him. We overlooked a field that he said the Elk feed in and 45 minutes later this elk walked out of the woods. The other hunter and his son helped me drag out the Elk. It was a great hunt.

    Everybody out there I’ve met is friendly and is willing to offer advice. I even got permission to crane, duck and goose hunt private land.
  5. baltz526

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    Nov 6, 2007
    Lapine oregon
    9 days and Oregon will tell us our tag draw results.
  6. calling4life

    calling4life Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 10, 2009

    Can you imagine that a guy could be out there running fawn in distress for coyotes but you can't go hunt an elk because it might be dangerous...

    I like the idea of going out west to get after elk, black bear, wolves, and coyotes, whether for all, just one, or multiple. 458 lott and the 500 S&W are my weapons, going to be out shooting them in a few minutes here.
  7. cootmeurer

    cootmeurer Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 8, 2003
    I'm Not Even Sure Anymore
    Pulled a Hail Mary and got a CO Rifle Mule Deer on first try, during 3rd rifle, which should be the rut. Just got the points for elk and antelope.

    Have a bunch of WY points but waiting for a better antelope year.

    Didn’t draw Maine moose (yeah, I know, not western) but crossed the line into the accelerated point gain brackets now.

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