What 6hp to buy - 2 cycle merc or 4 cycle honda

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  1. sloughboy

    sloughboy Senior Refuge Member

    May 11, 2000
    Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
    A friend is purchasing a 12' aluminum flat bottom boat (4'4" beam) that will be primarily used for duck hunting, with some fishing on the side. His choices for a motor are a 2 cycle 6 hp mercury (twin cylinder)- a detuned 9.9, or a 4 cylce 6 hp honda (single cylinder). Anybody have any experience with either motor they could pass on.
  2. As I have stated in past responces to threads in this forum you just can't beat Honda for reliability,and customer satisfaction.....I have a 4yr old 9.9 Honda and you couldn't GIVE me another motor even if it was new! (unless it was another Honda of course) [​IMG]

  3. pirates96

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    Dec 13, 2000
    Grimesland, NC by way of LaGrange
    The Honda is a good motor, but the purchase price is very high. Also when there comes a time for repair the are about twice the price. For cost go with the 2 stroke. For gas mileage and quit running go with the Honda. As for the Mercury [​IMG] I am a Johnson fan!
  4. JLee

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    You're gonna get a variety of favorites and most will depend on what motor someone currently has. I've had good luck with Mercurys. The main advice I can give is that if he goes with a 4 stroke, go with a higher horsepower to overcome the difference in weight. If it were me, it would probably be a 9.9 Honda as 1st choice and the 6 Merc as second choice. You know how opinions are.
  5. BRUNO

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    Sep 7, 2000
    Gander , NF , Canada
    One of the boats we use is a 12' lumi with a 5 HP Honda...No complaints...It'll chug along reliably and effeciently, not real fast (though I guess speed isn't a major factor here as we're talking 5 HP motors ).
    With regards to maintenance,let me tell ya the honda might cost a little more when something does go wrong but chances are the 2 stroke motor will require more maintenance more often as it gets older. Alot of the fishermen here now are swearing by the 4 strokes and leaving tradition & past devotion in the wings.
    I dunno how familiar your friend is with outboards ,I grew up using them. I found the 4 stroke a little odd at first ...felt like it would shake right off the counter...almost like it had kicked a piston , made me feel a little uneasy at first,now I'm used to it. The next big motor I buy will definately be a Honda.

  6. Lives_to_hunt

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    May 30, 2000
    NW Oregon
    I like my Honda 8 H.P.
    If the wind is blowing or it is raining, it is hard to hear it running.
    Starts much easier than a 2 stroke.

    Think like a duck!

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