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What Does A Goose Process About Decoys

Discussion in 'Decoy Forum' started by Thinblueline, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Squaller

    Squaller Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 5, 2003
    Fresno, California
    Personally, I feel that hunting pressure has a lot to do with what and how geese process.

    Unpressured birds looking at decoys might process that there are other birds down there and they might take a look to join them (even if you are not on the X). Pressured birds might see something they do not like about the decoys, or binds, and process that as danger.

    Hunting in a highly pressured area, with a lot of goose traffic, I have found that since the limits have gone up on geese, my harvesting numbers have gone down. More people blowing a goose call and setting out decoys... And more hunters targeting geese. And the geese seem to pick up on the fact that they are getting shot at.
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  2. Tuleman

    Tuleman Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 5, 2005
    Central Kansas
    Add to that: people staying in the field longer (to try to fill a larger limit), which just educates more birds.
  3. fowlwhacker

    fowlwhacker Elite Refuge Member

    Jun 24, 2003
    Maryland Chesapeake Bay
    this picture still brings back memories every time I see it. still remember my lasts hunt over the so called junk yard spread of tires and black white silos on one side of the pit and 30 dozen full bodies on the other side of the pit. most of the guys thought the tires and silos would be just for increased visibility yet almost every bird lit in the tires and silos. haven't seen a tire rig out in years but did have a group of guys that hunted close by that would put one out at the beginning of the season and pull it in at the end up to a couple years ago. was a pretty common picture back in 70's across Maryland's eastern shore. I don't know if my back could handle dealing with them now.
  4. Rick Hall

    Rick Hall Elite Refuge Member

    Nov 25, 2002
    Klondike, Louisiana
    Eastern Shore guide I hunted with in the early '80s employed large, standing, presumably season long, junkyard spreads, like seemingly everyone else on the Shore. But he'd freshen a sweet spot near the blind with stuffers when we hunted them to help convince birds wary of the junk that the real deal was taking advantage of no hunters being home that day.

    Same guide also wouldn't call to more birds than he believed we could kill in a volley or call shots he didn't believe we could make. Didn't want anything leaving his rigs knowing they had guns.

    Pretty sure we always got our birds on the trips I made with him.
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